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WAHC Portland Best Ever, says attendees - here's why

The 11th annual World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC), hosted by non-profit National Swimming Pool Foundation®(NSPF®) was held in Portland, Oregon, October 8-10. Nearly 400 people representing a record number of states (42) and countries (12) traveled to the WAHC. Attendees from the United States, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Hong…


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Professional Pool Care

Here's the guest blog I wrote for Jabariofwater.

Professional Pool Care

Clean pool fun! When we visit our local pool, or a hotel pool when we travel, we have the expectation that the water is healthy and won’t make us or our family sick. We also have the…


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Swimming Shapes the Future

In the center of almost every community is something that brings us closer as a people, a crystal blue swimming pool, the heart of the neighborhood.  This place is more than just a fancy amenity to these folks; it’s one of the few places where people can exercise in a way that connects them with their neighbors. Pools create unity, friendships, recreation and a whole lot of fun.  This face-to-face contact with those who live close to us, takes us away from our computers and cellular phones…


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Using In-water Ventilations

Instructing Jaw-Thrust (with Head Extension) Maneuver. (Photo credits: Emily Plurkowski and Pete DeQuincy, Mills College)


In-water ventilation provides a victim quick effective care when immediate extrication is…


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Follow-up on Fortifying your Facility: How to scale up the training for 40-60 lifeguards

Recreation Coordinator II, Beth Frazer, from Consumnes Community Service District, emailed me and commented, “…You have a curriculum for the training and how long it takes for 10 lifeguards… We have 40-60 lifeguards per training, so it would be nice to know how much time to add for each additional lifeguard, or maybe each additional 5 or 10 lifeguards.”

There are several ways to scale up the training to allow for large staff participation: Increase the time allocated for the training…


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Fortifying your Facility


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Non-profit NSPF's funded research helps people live healthier lives and encourages more people to get in the water. Not bad for the future of our industry eh?

Here's the news scoop sent out today. Tell us what you think!

Research Grants Totaling $117,974 Awarded by National Swimming Pool Foundation®


Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 13, 2012 — The National Swimming Pool Foundation® Board of Directors is pleased to announce it has continued its commitment to fund research to study the health benefits unique to aquatic…


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Do you have a plan in place to prevent RWIs this season and beyond?

Summer time is unfortunately when we see uptick in RWIs around the country. And also it is unfortunate that RWIs are on the rise in general. For this reason, the National Swimming Pool Foundation invested a great deal of time to produce the first ever online course and handbook to help professionals understand and prevent these illnesses, with the goal of ensuring a safer summer of fun for pool goers. And it goes without saying, that's…


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Golden Opportunities

In less than a month, the world will turn its attention to London for the summer Olympic Games. The aquatics venue (designed by the reknowned team at Zaha Hadid Architects) is stunning, and of course, the competition means new interest in aquatics. Swimming and diving are among the most popular events.



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Have you considered attending this year's WAHC? There's a whole lot of WaterWisdom to be shared!

Just sent out our the latest news on the 2012 World Aquatic Health Conference in Norfolk this October. We're excited about the lineup of seminars and have 27 new speakers this year. There is no other educational conference that offers the diversity of topics and thinking and exposes attendees to all aspects of research and subject matter affecting the aquatic industry. Now in it's ninth consecutive year, if you haven't made it to one, this is the year. And don't forget, if travel is an…


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Lifeguards Making it in the Media and other Aquatic News Notes

There's just something about aquatics that captures the imagination and a new 13-part series debuting this week will profile the experiences of Southern California beach guards. Lifeguard! Southern California premieres Thursday, February 23 on The Weather Channel. Here's more details from the…


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National Swimming Pool Foundation helps 15 students with higher education costs

In these challenging times, any little bit helps to fund higher education. Here's a great news story about NSPF's Scholarship/Fellowship program. Let's give a real big congratulation to the students who have been awarded., If you or a family member are CPO certification graduate you can qualify to apply for next year. LB


National Swimming Pool Foundation®

Awards $20,000 in Scholarships & Fellowships to Fifteen…


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Blaming the Victim

Some readers may have taken one look at our provocative November/December cover and wondered, “Why must we dwell on such an unpleasant topic as sex abuse? Why do we want to draw attention to an issue that has already given aquatics a black eye?” I can answer all of those questions with two words: the victims.

Those are the brave young women who came forward to expose the sex abuse scandal brewing at USA Swimming for more than three decades — as well as any who remained silent. If this…

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It's unofficially fall and that means it's time to ask that age old question "What did you do on your summer vacation?" Now I realize for many (most?) aquatics professionals, summer is the last time to take a vacation, but working on Aquatics International, my schedule is a little different. I visited three aquatics facilities last month and got a chance to check out first hand some of… Continue

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The Green Gap

I’m contemplating two April events that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but are actually inexorably linked: the annual Aquatics International salary survey and Earth Day.…


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Lifesaving Doesn't End at the Water's Edge

Over the years, I’ve railed against everything from lifeguard pay to lack of industry cooperation. And I’vegotten some flack from people who say I’m too negative. Why can’t I ever talk about the positive things going on in the industry?

Well, for anyone who ever thought that, this one’s for you. Today, I’m brimming with pride for the aquatics industry, and I have nothing but praise to heap upon it.

If I sound uncharacteristically positive, and even Pollyanna-ish, that’s because… Continue

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Must We Research EVERYTHING?

Now that this blog post has been up for a month, I've just re-read it. Whew. How could it sound so right then, and sound so wrong now? Let me try this again.

Which is brighter, the sun or the moon?

How do you know? Did you read the research? Was it proven beyond the shadow of a doubt with repeatable double-blind studies? No? Then how do you know the sun is brighter?

You know because you can SEE it. You don't need any more proof than that. It's a… Continue

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Who's Your Inspiration?

All over the world, aquatics professionals labor in obscurity fighting the good fight for their local pool, inspiring yet another generation of lifeguards to take to the stands with vigilance, or devising ingenious designs to make facilities more safe, fun and healthy.

It is these I want to recognize today. And it’s all thanks to a reader, who reminded me of something very important: Aquatics is a profession that’s built on mentors. Think about it. People certainly don’t get into… Continue

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The Future is Here

When I was growing up, I used to love pouring through the pages of Popular Science. The covers would always get me with provocative headlines: “Flying Cars in Your Lifetime,” or “Humans Living on Moon by Year 2000.” The articles themselves always quoted experts who assured me that the technology was already in place to make whatever predictions the article claimed happen. There were even cool illustrations showing prototypes of the flying car or homes on the moon. I couldn’t wait for the… Continue

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