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Swimming Instructions' Missing Skill Set

In 1910 or 1912 when Wilbert Longfellow started teaching swimming and began training people to be swimming instructors, he said, "In order to learn to swim, you must overcome your fear."

This truth was lost in the past 100 years. What happens when a truth is lost?

Many people suffer. In this particular case, many people have drowned.

Two people, Paul Lennon and I, realized in the 1980's that the lessons we were trained to teach didn't work for half our…


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No Surprise: Panic Is Suggested As Cause of Triathlon Deaths

How do you teach people to prevent panic? Is it important to you? Do you know how many drownings are caused by panic each year?


In the Washington Post the other day, a headline said, Deaths in triathlons may not be so mysterious: panic attacks may be…


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Annual Burst of Swimming Lessons Interest: September

Every year in the end of August and September, all those adults who missed another summer of swimming rue the fact that they still haven't done anything about it. They deluge our inbox with orders for books and DVDs. And classes. We're full for the rest of the fall.


Though they can see from our website where our licensed instructors are, some not covered by our list desperately ask anyway: do you have any instructors in my town? In my state? —"No, sorry! We need email…


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There Is An Answer to Drownings: Panic-Prevention

Note: this post was edited 3/2012 to place a missing video (the first one below).

If you want to teach your child to tie her shoes, do you say, "Tie your shoes!"

No. She'd be lost. Where to start, she'd be thinking.


If you want to teach people to prevent panic, do you say, "Don't panic!"?

No, but people do. It doesn't work. It's been tried. And how many people have drowned since then?


If you want to prevent most of Laurie Batter's…


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Your Swim Instructors can "make or break" your LTS Program

How can your swim instructors take your lessons program to another level?  This email exchange demonstrates how Swim Lessons University training can help your Learn to Swim program experience the same success, not only in the pool, but on making an impression on your customers–the parents.   Your Swim Teachers are the lifeblood of your program.   Make sure they are representing you well.


Dear  Coach Reiser:

I want you to know how much we have enjoyed having Ms.…


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Swim Teachers' Mandate: Summer 2011

Will your swimming instructors maximize their usefulness this summer?


If they do, this is what can happen:

All kids will love their swimming lessons. They'll have so much fun they'll want to come back for more. And if they want to, chances are, parents will find a way. Your business will grow.


Kids will learn to swim.


Kids will enjoy swimming so much that they'll look for a way to swim more: they'll join swim teams.




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Learn To Swim Radio

Thursday by Thursday, the Learn To Swim Ship is  s l o w l y being turned. S l o w l y, but it's turning. It's being turned by the listeners of The Learn To Swim Show at


These listeners, whether swimming students or instructors, are witnessing the laying of new track in the Learn To Swim Universe.…


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URL for the Learn To Swim Show

The Learn To Swim Show is here.
It's Thursdays at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Beginning October 28, 2010.

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How Could a Learn-to-Swim Radio Program Be Effective?

On October 28, 2010, Miracle Swimming Institute will begin hosting a radio pilot program, "The Learn To Swim Show." It will be available to listeners around the world, Thursdays at 1 p.m. Florida time and 10 a.m. California time on the internet at

If you put a beginning swim class of adults into a pool, they’re usually apprehensive. The first thing you want to ask them is, “What…


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The Learn To Swim Show Launches October 28

What if everyone in the world who couldn't swim listened to internet World Talk Radio on October 28, 2010 and heard that they're not weird for not being able to swim? That they aren't failures? That it's not their fault that they've tried lessons over and over and haven't become swimmers? Do you think those people might feel a little better about not being able to swim?

Do you think if I presented them with an outline of what happened to swimming instruction in the beginning and if… Continue

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Solution for the Shreveport Non-Swimmers

When apocolyptic events happen, fantastic responses are called for. A "business as usual" approach following these events is common, but uninspired and sub-par.

Business as usual is, "What a tragedy. Bless those families. More people should take swimming lessons. Oh, what a shame!" And then we turn our backs and resume our daily routines.

In my mind, there is only…


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What To Do RE: Six Teenagers Drown in Louisiana River

Last night or over the weekend, a teenager stepped off a ledge into deep water at the Red River in Shreveport, LA. In the next few minutes, 6 of his friends tried to save him. All drowned but one. .

The article leaves an unknowing reader thinking that deep water is dangerous; that a sinkhole full of water is dangerous. I beg to differ. The distinction to be made means… Continue

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Summer, 2010: Will The Same Teaching Errors Be Made Again?

Will The Same Teaching Errors Be Made Again in 2010?

Yes. But let's see how many we can eliminate right now.

Here we go, Summer Swim Lessons, Version 2010!

How many swimming instructors will tell their students, "You must be horizontal to float correctly?"

How many will expect their students to grin and bear the things that aren't comfortable in order to get to the other side? How many will send the message, "Swimming is getting from here to… Continue

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Teach Slowly, That Students May Learn Quickly

One comment we receive most often from our clients (4000 adults since 1983) is, "It was so great to have time to slow down, feel what's happening, and not be pushed."

It's not news that to learn to swim, people have to feel what the water does for them. But how many teachers skip steps in order to get to the end of the curriculum and check someone off the list? That has been going on for so long that now, many adults have given up on swimming lessons. They think there's something wrong… Continue

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The Difference Between Swimming and Freestyle

Freestyle is swimming but swimming is not freestyle.

If you were a boat captain with a group on your boat and a storm came up and the boat tipped over, you'd be thinking, "How many of these people can swim?" Who do I need to worry about most and rescue first?" You would not be thinking, "How many can do freestyle to shore?" You would not be thinking, "Who has their rhythmic breathing down?" You'd want to know, "Who can remain in control?" The ones who can't are the ones you'd go after… Continue

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Must We Research EVERYTHING?

Now that this blog post has been up for a month, I've just re-read it. Whew. How could it sound so right then, and sound so wrong now? Let me try this again.

Which is brighter, the sun or the moon?

How do you know? Did you read the research? Was it proven beyond the shadow of a doubt with repeatable double-blind studies? No? Then how do you know the sun is brighter?

You know because you can SEE it. You don't need any more proof than that. It's a… Continue

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How to Teach a Water Safety Lesson to Children without a pool!

Filed under Water Safety Instructor, Kids Water Safety by Jim Reiser

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

How can you teach water safety to children without a having a pool? Here are seven ideas and video highlights that will help you get started!

When I am asked to “take the stage” at an event like a Safety Fair or Children’s event at a mall, park, or children’s fair–the first challenge is always getting the kids to… Continue

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How to Teach Our Children About Water Safety

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Did you know that in the United States, drowning takes more lives than any other accident for children 5 & under? For children ages 6 – 14, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death ONLY to automobile accidents! This article will show you how to teach your children water… Continue

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How to Become a Professional Swimming Instructor

Do you want to be considered a “Swimming Professional?” In this article, you will learn some simple steps to becoming a pro!

5 Steps

1. Become a member of at least one reputable, nationally recognized organizations. Here are the ones I belong to: American Swim Coaches Association, United States Swimming, United States Swim School Association, National Drowning… Continue

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Washington Swim Teacher Thanks “The Swim Professor” and Shares Some Cool Ideas of Her Own!

Dear Swim Professor,

Thanks for checking in. I was thinking about emailing you on our progress. My first three students all wanted private swim lessons and the first child (a nine year old boy who did not know how to swim at all) was doing freestyle with side breathing on the third lesson. I have decided to give the parents the option of once or twice per week because I really want the kids to learn to swim. Most choose twice per week and the kiddos are learning very quickly. I have… Continue

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