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Building Better Scenarios for In-service Training

Scenarios are a necessary part of any in-service training (photo credit, Traci Farris, City of Modesto)


Dedicating several in-service trainings to scenarios will greatly improve the performance of your lifeguard team. Scenarios provide a…


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Professional Pool Care

Here's the guest blog I wrote for Jabariofwater.

Professional Pool Care

Clean pool fun! When we visit our local pool, or a hotel pool when we travel, we have the expectation that the water is healthy and won’t make us or our family sick. We also have the…


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Putting The Pieces Together: Components of Airway Management

Administering emergency oxygen is an effective option to provide during patient care (photo(s) credit, Pete DeQuincy, East Bay Regional Parks

In a critical incident the primary objective is to keep the victim alive. Airway management is…


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Those Spinal Days

Lifeguard teams practicing standing in-line stabilization and spinal management (Photo credit: Kyle Maxwell, East Bay Regional Park District)

Spinal management is one of the three core skills of lifeguarding, the other two being…


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Drowning Detection Technology Gets National Media Attention Focused on Drowning

Aquatic Safety Concepts' WAHOOO® Swim Monitor System was featured on two major national news channels. The reports bring drowning into national headlines, reminding everyone about the risk of drowning and the need for proper supervision.

One report appeared on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer ( It shows compelling video about how quickly a child's body can disappear, even in crystal clear pool water. The ABC program appeared in…


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Zero-Depth Entry Drills

Get to the victim quickly, utilize the secondary lifeguard to assist in extrication (Photo credit, Emily Plurkowski, East Bay Regional Park District)

Zero-depth entry pools simulate a beach or waterfront where…


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On the Waterfront: Rescue Board Drills for a Flatwater Facility

Rescue boards allow lifeguards to get to the victim before it's too late (Photo credit: Pete DeQuincy, East Bay Regional Park District)

A rescue board is an effective piece of lifesaving equipment that is ideal for flatwater waterfront facilities. If…


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Using In-water Ventilations

Instructing Jaw-Thrust (with Head Extension) Maneuver. (Photo credits: Emily Plurkowski and Pete DeQuincy, Mills College)


In-water ventilation provides a victim quick effective care when immediate extrication is…


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CPR: Synchronized Teamwork

3-Rescuer CPR with BVM and AED (Photo credits: Emily Plurkowski, Mills College)


CPR is a complex skill that requires constant training so that it will be performed well under the stress of a critical incident. Mastering breathing…


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Extrication: The Missing Link

 Instructor reviewing team towing holds (Photo credits: Emily Plurkowski, Pete DeQuincy, Mills College)


Removing the victim from the area of danger, also known as extrication, happens in all incidents both non-emergency and critical. Whether it’s moving a submerged victim from the bottom of the pool to the surface, towing from the point of rescue to the wall, or expediting from water to land where EMS is staging; extrication…


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The Power of the Secondary Lifeguard

Instructor reviewing how to assist the…


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Back to Basics

 Instructor reviewing primary assessment with lifeguards. (Photo(s) credits: Carol Berendsen, Emily Plurkowski, Mills College)

As we move closer to summer, it’s time to energize the winter staff and get them working as a well-oiled lifeguarding machine.…


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Follow-up on Fortifying your Facility: How to scale up the training for 40-60 lifeguards

Recreation Coordinator II, Beth Frazer, from Consumnes Community Service District, emailed me and commented, “…You have a curriculum for the training and how long it takes for 10 lifeguards… We have 40-60 lifeguards per training, so it would be nice to know how much time to add for each additional lifeguard, or maybe each additional 5 or 10 lifeguards.”

There are several ways to scale up the training to allow for large staff participation: Increase the time allocated for the training…


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Fortifying your Facility


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Lesson Learned

Yesterday, June 14, I had the chance to be a part of the global water safety event known as the World's Largest Swimming Lesson. Each year since 2010, swimmers around the world have come together simultaneously to break the record and promote the importance of swim lessons. At Blue Buoy Swim School, in Tustin, CA, there were officially 106 enthusiastic…


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Kiddie Pools and Water Park Dangers

Here is a YouTube video that you can share with your friends and families who have children under the age of three.  It is so important that parents understand that even though kiddie pools and water park pools are shallow, that these shallow pools don't come without risks.

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Beware - The Hazards of Ice

Lifesaving Resources advocates that NO ICE IS SAFE ICE. And, due to the unseasonably warm winter, even though lakes, rivers and streams may appear to be frozen, the integrity of the ice is compromised and cannot sustain the weight of people or recreational vehicles.

The following is a classic example of the types of incidents that have already occurred this winter season:

KOHLER — Two boys were cold and wet Sunday afternoon, but are none the…


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NSPF weighs in on latest news about Fall River, Mass. drowning tragedy

Here's the latest horror about the Fall River drowning. Don't let this be the pool you care for, make sure your operators are trained, certified, conscientious and not driven to look the other way.


State pools often stay open after failed tests

Health inspectors’ findings ignored; water quality frequently bad.

State-run pools came under intense scrutiny this summer after Marie Joseph drowned in a Fall…


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Summer Drownings ‘Snapshot’ Paints a Tragic Picture

About 416 children, 204 teenagers and 972 adults drowned nationwide this summer according to tracked media reports released by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. August 31, 2011—While most families will hold fond memories of the fun they had at the pool or beach this summer, at least 1,592 families will remember the summer of 2011 with deep sorrow as the time when their loved one drowned.

“This summer was marred by tragedy for too many…


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92 year old woman teaches generation of swimmers to swim

Here' s terrific story that will really warm your heart. Not only that, but this woman is a model for all of as to how to age beautifully! And all because she's in the water, and giving a great foundation of water safety to families for over 50 years.


Enjoy this video, and share it around! Let's get this to go viral, fast and wide!

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