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How Bad is Peeing in the Pool?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an epidemic of aquatic proportions on our hands: one out of five people freely admit to peeing in our pools.  Even Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have gone on record stating they frequently pee in pools.  But it’s not their fault; in fact peeing in the pool is a physiologic response to being in the…


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The Power of Grandparents

I had the pleasure over the holiday season of having a generational “Oreo” moment. I got that sweet creamy feeling inside seeing the generation above me and below me spending time together. Yeah, I probably did have a few Oreos too. Don’t tell my doc! There are few feelings as precious as seeing people who love our kids even more than you do. Grandparents are a wonderful thing!

As we start the year, my mind keeps coming back to the question, “How do we grow our…


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I am passionate about swimming. Let me tell you why.

Blog by:  Laurie Batter

It's 6am, the sun is just up, and I’m strapping on goggles and preparing for my daily lap swim. It’s a passion I have. 

People often remark, “Laurie, you are so disciplined!” I say, “Actually I’m addicted”. Really, it’s my passion: I live to swim and I swim to live- that’s my motto.


Ever since I was a baby, I have been in love with…


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Science shows swimmers have lower mortality risk than runners and walkers

It is universally accepted that physical activity is good for your health and reduces mortality rates.  Studies that compare mortality rates between swimmers and other common physical activities are rare. The most compelling findings are those of Chase, Sui, & Blair (IJARE, 2008, 2(3), 213-223) that compared 40,517 men 20-90 years of age who completed health examinations from 1971-2003 as part of the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study administered by the Cooper Institute. After adjusting…


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Great Aquatic Venues

What do Americans love more than a Top 10 list?  I would argue, not much outside of puppy dogs, apple pie, and nauseating reality television.  So, to kick off the summer swim season, the website recently released their contribution to this slice of Americana with their following list of the Top 10 “Must Visit Sites for a Swim Meet in the United States.”

    10) Texas A&M’s Student Rec Center Natatorium – College Station, TX



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Research - Who Cares?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This philosophical thought experiment raises the question about research, and its value.

Research is key to advancing our understanding of the world, and to achieving positive changes. Yet, if advancements in research are mentioned, but no one hears or understands it, what good is it?  Who will care?


The irony of research is…


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Is Lochte’s Reality Show Good for the Sport?

Premiering this past Sunday on E! television channel, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? is Ryan’s latest project out of the pool.  But the questions I’ve been asked by friends (and beginning to ask myself) “Is What Would Ryan…


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Are Your Arms Paddles or Propellers?

For decades swimmers have been taught that freestyle, AKA “front crawl,” involves keeping their elbows high and using their arms to make an S-shaped pattern underwater.  Known as “sculling,” this technique was developed by Doc Counsilman and helped Indiana University win 6 consecutive NCAA…


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Together we can make a difference - watch how!

Together we can make a difference

Watch this brief, compelling video.

Step Into Swim Video Contest Has a Winner

A winning video encourages donations to bring…


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A Culture of Giving Begins for Step Into Swim Campaign. Will you step forward too?

Industry leaders stepped up with donations exceeding $41,000.

In just a few months since the Step Into Swim Campaign was launched, a group of visionary pool, spa, and aquatic leaders have stepped forward to donate more than $41,000, reports Thomas M. Lachocki, Ph.D., CEO of …


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Swimming Instructions' Missing Skill Set

In 1910 or 1912 when Wilbert Longfellow started teaching swimming and began training people to be swimming instructors, he said, "In order to learn to swim, you must overcome your fear."

This truth was lost in the past 100 years. What happens when a truth is lost?

Many people suffer. In this particular case, many people have drowned.

Two people, Paul Lennon and I, realized in the 1980's that the lessons we were trained to teach didn't work for half our…


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Today, an exciting new initiative was announced by National Swimming Pool Foundation. A 10-year campaign, Step Into Swim, was launched, in an effort to improve health, reduce healthcare costs, and re…

Today, an exciting new initiative was announced by National Swimming Pool Foundation. A 10-year campaign, Step Into Swim, was launched, in an effort to improve health, reduce healthcare costs, and reduce drowning. The campaign will initially partner with nine organizations that teach children, adults, and minority populations to swim. Step Into Swim seeks donations and sponsors. It’s first event , the Step Into Swim Congress will kick off on October 10, in Norfolk, Virginia, just prior…


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Lifeguards Making it in the Media and other Aquatic News Notes

There's just something about aquatics that captures the imagination and a new 13-part series debuting this week will profile the experiences of Southern California beach guards. Lifeguard! Southern California premieres Thursday, February 23 on The Weather Channel. Here's more details from the…


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New and great news about swimming, blood pressure and vascular health. Share it!

There's good news about swimming, it's good for your blood pressure & vascular function. Time to get into the pool! A new study published by the American Journal of Cardiology ( shows, in summary that while systolic decreases were statistically significant and diastolic decreases were not at the same statistical…


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No Surprise: Panic Is Suggested As Cause of Triathlon Deaths

How do you teach people to prevent panic? Is it important to you? Do you know how many drownings are caused by panic each year?


In the Washington Post the other day, a headline said, Deaths in triathlons may not be so mysterious: panic attacks may be…


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Annual Burst of Swimming Lessons Interest: September

Every year in the end of August and September, all those adults who missed another summer of swimming rue the fact that they still haven't done anything about it. They deluge our inbox with orders for books and DVDs. And classes. We're full for the rest of the fall.


Though they can see from our website where our licensed instructors are, some not covered by our list desperately ask anyway: do you have any instructors in my town? In my state? —"No, sorry! We need email…


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There Is An Answer to Drownings: Panic-Prevention

Note: this post was edited 3/2012 to place a missing video (the first one below).

If you want to teach your child to tie her shoes, do you say, "Tie your shoes!"

No. She'd be lost. Where to start, she'd be thinking.


If you want to teach people to prevent panic, do you say, "Don't panic!"?

No, but people do. It doesn't work. It's been tried. And how many people have drowned since then?


If you want to prevent most of Laurie Batter's…


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92 year old woman teaches generation of swimmers to swim

Here' s terrific story that will really warm your heart. Not only that, but this woman is a model for all of as to how to age beautifully! And all because she's in the water, and giving a great foundation of water safety to families for over 50 years.


Enjoy this video, and share it around! Let's get this to go viral, fast and wide!

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Swim Teachers' Mandate: Summer 2011

Will your swimming instructors maximize their usefulness this summer?


If they do, this is what can happen:

All kids will love their swimming lessons. They'll have so much fun they'll want to come back for more. And if they want to, chances are, parents will find a way. Your business will grow.


Kids will learn to swim.


Kids will enjoy swimming so much that they'll look for a way to swim more: they'll join swim teams.




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Our feedback on Associated Press story "Pools dry up after draining city budgets"

Here's our letter we wrote to Jeffrey Collins of the Associated Press in response to his pre-Memorial Day story which you can read at this link.  Tell us what you think!


June 9, 2011

Jeffrey Collins

Associated Press

Delivered via Email to:

Dear Jeffrey,

We read your Memorial Day pool story with interest, and wanted to take a few minutes to share some reflections. Your… Continue

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