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Biofilm Intervention and Maintenance

Biofilms are in the news lately: if your pool has had an outbreak of Listeria, or Legionnaire's Disease, Biofilms probably had alot to do with them.

As an Aquatic Professional, I understand the frustrations of Biofilms; These little buggers can stick to surfaces and build a defense against Sanitizers such as chlorine.  How to get rid of them and keep them out?  Heres how:

  1. Close your pool.  This process will take 3 days to complete.
  2. Get yourself some Concentrated…

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The Definitive Filtration Challenge: Show me the WATER!

So, you have a pool, and you brag about How you have the latest and GREATEST filtration system...but are you SURE that your have the clearest water out there? Would you like to find out?

Treatment Specialties/Link Automation, of Ramsey. NJ, is offering you the opportunity to send us your Pool sample, so that we can test it on our Particle…


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A word on PPM Control (Amperometric)

Today everyone is talking about Sensors that precisely measure chlorine residuals in water.  The Pool industry has eagerly awaited this kind of technology because the "Experts" feel that the ability of regulating steady Residual is Paramount.

As a Controller Professional for over 15 years, I disagree, as the need to PROPERLY sanitize a pool with varying degrees of demand requires varying residuals for the loads endured by the pool itself.

With that in mind, lets talk about…


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A word on ORP Control...

As a Controller Professional for over 15 years, I just wanted to chime in on a few things to help people try to get a grasp as to what ORP is, and what Your controller is supposed to be doing.

First off, ORP is NOT a quantitative measurement of Sanitizer...its a QUALITATIVE one; This simply means you are measuring how well your chlorine is working in a swimming pool.

With that in need to understand a few things about ORP:

1-ORP is Greatly dependent on pH: if…


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HCF Study Underway in Wayne NJ!


At the Wayne YMCA in Wayne, NJ, efforts to prove a "Simple Truth" about Chlorination and Chloramine reduction are underway.  This High Use Aquatic Facility (Its a YMCA Pool, remember?) is being scrutinized over the next 60 days to track Free & Total Chlorine, ORP and pH readings, as well as Particle Counter readings to gauge filtration efficiency.  

For the first 30…


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