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Kiddie Pools and Water Park Dangers

Here is a YouTube video that you can share with your friends and families who have children under the age of three.  It is so important that parents understand that even though kiddie pools and water park pools are shallow, that these shallow pools don't come without risks.

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Your Swim Instructors can "make or break" your LTS Program

How can your swim instructors take your lessons program to another level?  This email exchange demonstrates how Swim Lessons University training can help your Learn to Swim program experience the same success, not only in the pool, but on making an impression on your customers–the parents.   Your Swim Teachers are the lifeblood of your program.   Make sure they are representing you well.


Dear  Coach Reiser:

I want you to know how much we have enjoyed having Ms.…


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Life Jackets Save Lives

Today’s blog is a response to a post on my against the use of Life jackets and Flotation devices.  Here are my thoughts:

First off, Life Jackets save lives. An absolute MUST for non-swimmers in residential pools and lakes, especially if they are not within arm’s reach of an adult.  I think most would agree that a child’s life itself is more precious than any philosophy or an unjustified concern about a child becoming dependent on the device.  I…


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Swim Lesson Games for Kids

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to be more creative and make your swim lessons more fun, without taking too much away from practice time.  Nothing is more satisfying for a…

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Goggles for Swim Lessons?

I was dumbfounded this morning as I watched two former competitive swimmers, now swim instructors, do freestyle demonstrations with their eyes closed!  These were great age group swimmers. In fact, one of them was even a state champion!

Ironically, later this afternoon I received a call from the assistant superintendent of the school district, where we teach…


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Swim Instructor Training

What is the most important component of a successful swim school or swim lessons program?   The swim instructors of course!  Without competent swim teachers, the swim lessons are a flop!  In many cases, the swim lessons are even a waste of time.  In some others, they are actually dangerous. 


There are multiple factors that affect the bottom line, but none are more important than…


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Group Swim Lessons

When it comes to determining what type of swim lessons you can offer, or what type of swim lesson class a parent should enroll their child in, there are several considerations, including, but not limited to the skill level of the swimmers.  In today’s blog on group swim lessons for kids, my recommendations are based on the assumption that we are talking about non-swimmers or true beginner swimmers.  With that said, here are my recommendations based on the age of the beginner…


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Prevent Childhood Drowning

Today’s blog is to announce a podcast I just recorded and published with one purpose: To reach as many parents as possible and potentially save the life of a child. The purpose of the podcast is not only to prevent unnecessary drowning, but to prevent and recognize how devastating nonfatal, near drowning can be as well.

I have dedicated this podcast to Samual Morris.…


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Swim Lessons for Infants

Should you start your baby (under the age of 2) in swimming lessons? Swim lessons for infants? Swim lessons for toddlers? In my opinion, that really just depends on two things:

1. It depends on whether or not the experience will be a positive one.

2. It depends on whether or not you have reasonable expectations.

If you can answer yes to those two questions,…


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Drowning of Two-year old Skyler Ray Inspires Us All

One of the most emotional days of my career as a Water Safety Professional was the day Skyler Ray Bell's uncle, whom I have never met, emailed me and shared Skyler's story.

Skyler was a precious two year old boy who drown this past June. Like many families, Skyler Ray's family is sharing their story in an effort to prevent future drownings. I was so humbled by the entire experience, I offered to dedicate my Infant Toddler Swimming Talk at the Swim Lessons University Conference in Las… Continue

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Swim Lesson Tools

Swim Instructors and coaches from every sport are always looking for that new piece of equipment that will help their students or athletes perform better. We all want to think of our programs as state-of-the-art, with the most up-to-date teaching methods, curriculum, etc., which includes our swim lesson tools. Personally, whether I’m

coaching or teaching, I look for ways to put a little variety in the lesson just to keep things interesting. Let’s admit it,…


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Hiring Swim Instructors

When I hire swim instructors, I am looking to hire “classy” people. Look for someone you believe is not just clean in appearance, but also clean minded. Classy people know when to talk. Most people talk without thinking. Classy people don’t. Even little things like good manners say a lot about a person. I admire people who always show consideration to others even when they don’t show it back. Classy people don’t use foul or derogatory language. Did you know swearing was something Coach John… Continue

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Swim Instructor Evaluation

If you’re going to have a great swim school staff, as a swim school owner, you have to do a number of things well:

1. Have a proven approach to selecting and hiring (and yes, even firing).

2. Have a full-proof swim instructor-training program (one swim school owner who uses the Swim Lessons University curriculum called it “foolproof!” What a complement, LOL!)

3. Have ways of holding your…


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Swim Lesson Basics


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Swim School Ideas

As we prepared to get nearly 100 second graders in the water yesterday, many of whom have NEVER been in the water before (believe it or not), I did something I wanted to share with you that you may enjoy. In fact, you may want to try it next time you have a large swim lessons group as it had every child engaged:

After dividing up the 100 swim lessons students into three time slots,…


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Swim Lesson Toys

Do you incorporate the use of toys when you teach your swim lessons for kids? Swim Lesson Toys can certainly add a dynamic to your class that helps young children get extra excited about learning, and often even help redirect a child who may be scared or hesitant in the beginning. Nevertheless, when you teach swimming

lessons to children between three and five years old, I think it’s extremely important that the toys have a purpose. In other words, don’t…


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Swim Lesson Songs

As the late and legendary TV host Fred Roger’s from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood wrote, “When you help a child enjoy music, you’re also helping a child develop learning skills, like listening, coordination, imagination, and memory.”

Swimming lessons too, are a great place to help a child enjoy music. I have always incorporated songs and music into my Parent & Me and Swim 101 classes, which you can get a free sneak preview of on my…


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Swim Lesson Techniques

When you are teaching any given swimming technique, your instructions

typically should focus your swim lesson students on a set of cues or buzzwords.

For example, you may say something like: “Here we go, I want to see you keep

your kick small and fast while during your side breathing.

Ready, go!”

Because your instructions or buzzwords emphasized “small and fast,” your feedback should then be congruent…


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Swim Lessons Tips

George Bernard Shaw once said, “What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”

Think about that . . . this word of advice may be one of the best swim lesson tips you could receive for teaching anyone. If your student is full of curiosity, excitement, and driven to learn and get better, the child will do wonderfully. The best…


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Swim Lesson Rules: Safety, Discipline, Boundaries, & Consequences

Children feel safer when they know what the rules are, especially in new or exciting situations. If a child is scared, they will have a hard time having fun. So when you kindly, but firmly give children

rules or boundaries and let them know it’s to keep them safe, you start

building trust.

Discipline is the gift of responsible love. Discipline and rules and punishment are related, but they are not the same. Discipline is the continual…


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