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The Power of Grandparents

I had the pleasure over the holiday season of having a generational “Oreo” moment. I got that sweet creamy feeling inside seeing the generation above me and below me spending time together. Yeah, I probably did have a few Oreos too. Don’t tell my doc! There are few feelings as precious as seeing people who love our kids even more than you do. Grandparents are a wonderful thing!

As we start the year, my mind keeps coming back to the question, “How do we grow our…


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Science shows swimmers have lower mortality risk than runners and walkers

It is universally accepted that physical activity is good for your health and reduces mortality rates.  Studies that compare mortality rates between swimmers and other common physical activities are rare. The most compelling findings are those of Chase, Sui, & Blair (IJARE, 2008, 2(3), 213-223) that compared 40,517 men 20-90 years of age who completed health examinations from 1971-2003 as part of the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study administered by the Cooper Institute. After adjusting…


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Research - Who Cares?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This philosophical thought experiment raises the question about research, and its value.

Research is key to advancing our understanding of the world, and to achieving positive changes. Yet, if advancements in research are mentioned, but no one hears or understands it, what good is it?  Who will care?


The irony of research is…


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Employee Retention & Wisdom

There is so much information in our world. So much of it is rubbish. Have you ever dwelled on something you read or learned and wished everyone knew it too?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “I don’t want to train my employees because they leave?” The troubling corollary to this statement is that “I prefer not to train them so they stay.” Yikes! The logical flaw here is obvious. Who wants to retain untrained employees? The challenge is how we retain trained employees.



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How to Create Growth for Pool Service Companies

As I see it there are three options:

  1.     Fire the other guy/gal and hire you
  2.     Fire themselves and hire you
  3.     Create more pools and a certain percent will go on service

Relative to 1: Firing the other service company and hiring you is not an “industry growth strategy.” Sure, one company will grow (the other will shrink). Next year, the other company may undercut your price and get the business…


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The Value of Public Speaking and Leadership

Making a new pool presentation? Signing a new customer to a pool service route? Giving a seminar at a pool and spa trade show? Speaking at your local Rotary club?

Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. – A. Lincoln

Whether you are planning a speaking engagement, or just prefer to appear more professional, here are a few thoughts on the value of public speaking and leadership.

I was at Parents Night to get introduced to…


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Show Us Your Stuff!

We often see words that don't sink in.  Most of our press releases point out that people from over 83 countries have taken NSPF courses.  The more I think about it, the more amazing it is to me.  We have the privilege to contribute to pool, spa and aquatic professionals on every corner of this amazing world.  Thank you for the faith you put in NSPF training materials.  We take that confidence seriously and are committed to constant improvement.  You deserve no less!!!

Help us…


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