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Sanitation of pool decks, walkways and locker areas is as important as water quality.

Most comprehensive aquatic management / operation texts specifically identify the importance of “cleaning and disinfecting” pool decks, walkways and locker areas. The concept of disinfecting is simple, yet often over-looked. The most recognized method of sanitation is to use and 5 percent bleach and water solution in the following areas:

DAILY SANITATION: Locker area decks, benches, sinks, toilets, changing tables, shower decks and all walkways.

Daily Cleaning: With the… Continue

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Looking for Leaders

Aquatic and Recreation Leaders (Directors, Supervisors, Operation managers…whatever the name) must take an active role as a leader. Leaders are seen, not hidden. All levels of management must be engaged with all levels of employees in their organization and have some appearance that they care what goes on in their facilities.

Too often lifeguards fail to see or have any contact with management personnel. Some staff only see senior facility staff when something goes critically wrong.… Continue

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VGB Act fot Crypto? It's Up to You.

The Crypto issue may become the next knee jerk reaction federal law. Crypto is clearly a life-threatening issue for aquatic facilities and like entrapment it is not new. All that is needed now is an individual with great political influence to help enact another federal law. This could easily take place because the majority of pool operators, facility owners and local and state health inspectors largely ignore the topics that create situations that lead to a crypto outbreak. Unless facilities… Continue

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Hard Times and Simple Appearances

Aquatic Director's and Supervisor's should make every effort to educate their staff about simple appearances on the job.

If patrons see staff (even "down shift" lifeguards) sitting or laying around, reading, texting, making what appear to be personal calls or simply looking bored....it could result in bad PR or worse.

As many aquatic leaders know, there is always something needing to be completed at the aquatic complex. Cleaning may top this list, but also conducting… Continue

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Comment on September 09 Editorial

In the September 2009 editorial by Gary Thill, “The Price of Heroism”, Gary makes some great points and while I agree with him, there are some additional issues involved. Here are two more factors that directly impact the editorials theme:

1. From the editorial: “2009 maybe one of the deadliest drowning years on record”. Undoubtedly there are many factors that influence drowning, but unfortunately, one may have just been created by the federal government recently, The VGB Act. The… Continue

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