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Puerto Rico Near-Drowning: What Lifeguards & Instructors Can Learn

A teachable moment for swim instructors and lifeguards has arisen from a heroic rescue of a drowning teenager in Puerto Rico by a tourist on the shore.

Jean Pendrich, a former champion swimmer for Scotland, swam through 5 foot waves to reach the boy

and tow him back. She said of the rescue, "“I reassured him everything would be all right but I was exhausted. I was swallowing lots of water and he was in such shock he couldn’t kick his legs."

The magical…


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Swimming Instructions' Missing Skill Set

In 1910 or 1912 when Wilbert Longfellow started teaching swimming and began training people to be swimming instructors, he said, "In order to learn to swim, you must overcome your fear."

This truth was lost in the past 100 years. What happens when a truth is lost?

Many people suffer. In this particular case, many people have drowned.

Two people, Paul Lennon and I, realized in the 1980's that the lessons we were trained to teach didn't work for half our…


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What Are Your Biggest Pains-in-the-Neck About Teaching Adults?

As we all know, there are far more children's swimming lessons given in this country than adult lessons. This is true even though there are 3 times as many adults in the U.S. as children (U.S. Census, 2010). And about half of adults can't swim (Gallup, 1998).

One might think that the market for adult lessons would be staggering (and it is) and that anyone who wants to expand their swimming instruction business would want to capitalize on it.

However, many swim instructors are…


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The Conference Nobody Attended: Today

Today was to be the start of the End of Drowning World Conference for Swimming and SCUBA Instructors in Sarasota, FL.

The website stated exactly what the meeting would contribute to instructors of swimming and SCUBA diving. It was perhaps too powerful for people to believe. Or maybe people think they already know it.

Midway through the marketing campaign, the title of the meeting was changed. I thought,…


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What's the Most Important Thing to Teach Kids In Swim Lessons This Summer?

What's the outcome you desire most from the lessons you give kids this summer?

Happy parents? Kids who can go off the diving board and swim to the side easily? Kids who can do freestyle for 25 yards? Kids who can hang out in deep water all day? Increased profits?

Our goal is to make them safe in deep water. What does safe mean? It means they aren't afraid to be around deep water, they don't mind being in it, and they are in control there, whether they're…


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Do Parents Push Their Children to Learn to Swim Faster?

Swim school owners and swimming instructors are familiar with the parent who wants his/her child to progress faster. She pushes the child to do things before he is ready. The child gets frustrated. The instructor gets frustrated. The parent is frustrated.

What to do?

Ask the parent if she is a swimmer. To get the answer, you wouldn't ask…


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I Have A Dream for Swimming

I have a dream for swimming: that all of what is known at the forefront of many various disciplines is brought to the industry of Swimming so that Swimming and all of us can benefit maximally. Everybody wins.

Competitive swimmers can benefit because every coach knows how to teach their athletes how to distinguish between injury pain and fatigue pain, therefore eliminating or greatly reducing injuries in training. See Dr. Ted Becker's article on shoulder injuries in…


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No Surprise: Panic Is Suggested As Cause of Triathlon Deaths

How do you teach people to prevent panic? Is it important to you? Do you know how many drownings are caused by panic each year?


In the Washington Post the other day, a headline said, Deaths in triathlons may not be so mysterious: panic attacks may be…


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Annual Burst of Swimming Lessons Interest: September

Every year in the end of August and September, all those adults who missed another summer of swimming rue the fact that they still haven't done anything about it. They deluge our inbox with orders for books and DVDs. And classes. We're full for the rest of the fall.


Though they can see from our website where our licensed instructors are, some not covered by our list desperately ask anyway: do you have any instructors in my town? In my state? —"No, sorry! We need email…


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There Is An Answer to Drownings: Panic-Prevention

Note: this post was edited 3/2012 to place a missing video (the first one below).

If you want to teach your child to tie her shoes, do you say, "Tie your shoes!"

No. She'd be lost. Where to start, she'd be thinking.


If you want to teach people to prevent panic, do you say, "Don't panic!"?

No, but people do. It doesn't work. It's been tried. And how many people have drowned since then?


If you want to prevent most of Laurie Batter's…


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Swim Teachers' Mandate: Summer 2011

Will your swimming instructors maximize their usefulness this summer?


If they do, this is what can happen:

All kids will love their swimming lessons. They'll have so much fun they'll want to come back for more. And if they want to, chances are, parents will find a way. Your business will grow.


Kids will learn to swim.


Kids will enjoy swimming so much that they'll look for a way to swim more: they'll join swim teams.




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Some Students Think Incorrect Teaching Is Correct: See NYT Article, "First Stokes Toward Becoming Aquaman"

A wonderful example of traditional adult swimming instruction was published May 26, 2011 in the New York Times. It's a 10-day diary of sorts of a man who's afraid in water, has been all his life, and who decides to give lessons a whirl again at a local swim school.


First Strokes to Becoming Aquaman


Have you…


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Learn To Swim Radio

Thursday by Thursday, the Learn To Swim Ship is  s l o w l y being turned. S l o w l y, but it's turning. It's being turned by the listeners of The Learn To Swim Show at


These listeners, whether swimming students or instructors, are witnessing the laying of new track in the Learn To Swim Universe.…


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ALERT to the Swimming Community: Has the Same Error Been Made AGAIN?

The same error that's been made literally millions of times since 1912 has, I'm fairly sure, just been made again—by two very powerful, influential, respected swimming organizations. They know not what they've done.

I say "fairly sure" because I have not seen the new release yet. But it's pretty safe to say that my suspicions will be confirmed.

This major error can be corrected. …


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URL for the Learn To Swim Show

The Learn To Swim Show is here.
It's Thursdays at 1 p.m. Eastern time, Beginning October 28, 2010.

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How Could a Learn-to-Swim Radio Program Be Effective?

On October 28, 2010, Miracle Swimming Institute will begin hosting a radio pilot program, "The Learn To Swim Show." It will be available to listeners around the world, Thursdays at 1 p.m. Florida time and 10 a.m. California time on the internet at

If you put a beginning swim class of adults into a pool, they’re usually apprehensive. The first thing you want to ask them is, “What…


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The Learn To Swim Show Launches October 28

What if everyone in the world who couldn't swim listened to internet World Talk Radio on October 28, 2010 and heard that they're not weird for not being able to swim? That they aren't failures? That it's not their fault that they've tried lessons over and over and haven't become swimmers? Do you think those people might feel a little better about not being able to swim?

Do you think if I presented them with an outline of what happened to swimming instruction in the beginning and if… Continue

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Solution for the Shreveport Non-Swimmers

When apocolyptic events happen, fantastic responses are called for. A "business as usual" approach following these events is common, but uninspired and sub-par.

Business as usual is, "What a tragedy. Bless those families. More people should take swimming lessons. Oh, what a shame!" And then we turn our backs and resume our daily routines.

In my mind, there is only…


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What To Do RE: Six Teenagers Drown in Louisiana River

Last night or over the weekend, a teenager stepped off a ledge into deep water at the Red River in Shreveport, LA. In the next few minutes, 6 of his friends tried to save him. All drowned but one. .

The article leaves an unknowing reader thinking that deep water is dangerous; that a sinkhole full of water is dangerous. I beg to differ. The distinction to be made means… Continue

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A Different Approach to Teaching Kids How to Swim

Two brothers, Luis and Juan, called us and said, "We'd love to learn to swim! Our mentor will send you a check." Luis and Juan are ages 16 and 10.

These two boys are first generation Americans. Their parents can't afford lessons for their kids. But Luis met Jim at his gym and asked if Jim could help him put together a fitness program for himself. The two got to talking. They became friends this past winter.

Jim noticed Juan outside the gym playing in the parking lot waiting… Continue

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