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Top Ten Reasons to Say it WHILE you do it

While teaching a couple of CPR classes this last few weeks I decided to pass on some reasons why I feel its extremely important to…


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Is Waterpark labor a fixed expense?

On slow days you have to look at waterpark labor as a fixed cost like a mortgage payment or insurance fee rather than a variable controllable expense.Meaning it is comparable to the fact that the bank expecting the same mortgage payment amount regardless of you low income that month. the mortgage payment never goes down as a percentage of your revenue.

Of course you can always trim labor but as anticipated revenue goes down… Continue

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who audits first?

Who Audits first?…


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The 7 "UNDER's" of (near) drownings pdf

The 7 ‘UNDERS of Near drowning.pdf

please let me know if this simple concept for reducing and avoiding near drownings can be improved. please feel free to use this in any training that you think might be valuable to save lives and avoid injury.


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The 7 "UNDER's" of (near) drownings

I developed these contributing factors for (near) drownings.please let me know if you agree or if i missed any!

If you like and want to use these for training please just credit them to me!

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wave goodbye to waivers?

I have worked at facilities with and without liability waivers. Florida is currently passing a bill to reinstate waivers after ruling recently to disallow them.

from the Orlando sentinel march 21st 2010

'Although it's still early, it looks like Florida lawmakers are divided over one of the tourism industry's…

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A game of Tennis,Anyone?

Article on communication and how(not to) handle schedule conversations.

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The Uniform line up

We are in the coldest months here in Florida, and being a year round facility we have to address cold weather uniform.

In a climate of budget cuts we are unable to provide warm jackets and pants so we ask our safety staff to provide their own uniform with certain guidelines as far as color and style. We try to take into account the following criteria,

Must match our colors

Must be inexpensive

Must be easily available from… Continue

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Authors wanted- Apply within

I just discovered that I can add authors to my blog,

If you feel like you have something to say Or would like to share wisdom on the topics of Aquatics, Running a profitable Waterpark operation, Water safety, Lifeguarding or Waterpark Leadership then let me know.

Maybe you you'd like to contribute but don't want the hassle of maintaining a blog then let me know, I'd be happy… Continue

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Guest service vs. Integrity

‘When a guest wants a fight, you may want to let them win but you

don’t have to lie down’

I felt like this last week when a guest came to purchase an annual pass. She claimed she had been told by phone the day before by our front desk staff that the annual pass was $22.95 not $29.95, as it actually is.

She held her ground and without actually coming out and asking for the lower price (which would have been better) she felt like it was not her fault. She… Continue

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You're only as safe as yesterday-

I just asked Google to send me a daily update of anything in the news related to 'waterpark' and also I signed up for Aquatics International Connect and whats amazing is how many drownings across the country occur each week.

After working at the same waterpark for 15 years I am especially proud that there was no drownings during that time. I think that adopting the concept, 'You're only as safe as yesterday', helped a great deal.

If you had a safe day today, you can… Continue

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Should Band Aids be banned?

Over the last 3 or so years I have seen an increasing amount of band aids either stuck to the pool deck or floating in the pool.

Obviously this is more than just an aesthetic problem and requires bio hazard treatment.

Has anyone noticed the same?

Do you use signage or posted policy addressing the wearing of band aids while swimming?

Typically when a minor first aid scrape occurs we give out a band aid… Continue

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What would you do today?

What would you do today?

What would you do today if tomorrow you knew you were going to get a visit from?

• The health department

• Your lifeguard auditor

• Your Owner to discuss the P&L statement

• Your mother

• A tour from a prospective large group

The answer is that you would probably,

1. Scramble all resources to clean all the pools ,check all the readings, read the pool code and inspect everything on your property to see if it meets code.… Continue

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Employee recognition survey results

Here are the results of the survey I sent out recently.i highly recommend polling your own staff to get the answers that matter most to you.

many Thanks if you participated in the survey


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Recognition Survey

I would be grateful if you completed the survey at the link above to help me determine the most preferred methods of recognition. This survey will only be available until October 1st.

It takes about 1 minute to complete.

Please forward the link to any peers or subordinates as the survey is intended to determine how line level employees would like to be recognized.

I… Continue

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waterpark leadership blog

please check out my blog on waterpark leadership.

It covers a wide range, everything from Safety, Guest service, Budgeting, Operations and Human resources.It is my hope to give some nuggets of information that can help me and others to run their facility more efficiently and profitably.

I would be thrilled for any comments or suggestions.

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Article in July Issue- Lessons learned

Many thanks to the AI folks for publishing my article on Children with Autism and waterparks in 'LESSONS LEARNED' this month.
One huge thing I did learn from speaking to Autism experts that was not included in the article was to always mention the person before the condition. For example, Child with Autism rather than Autistic child. It shows respect for the individual and that is something that will remember most from this experience.



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