90% of What Are Out of Compliance With VGB?

I got 4 phone calls the other day because people saw something on the news saying "90% of the pools in the U.S. are out of compliance with the new VGB law and are posing a safety threat to swimmers". I wonder who actually has an accurate enough grasp on the number of "public pools" in the U.S. to be able to say how many are out of compliance.

This situation is a perfect example of government and media out of control. First we get legislation formulated obviously without much consultation of the industry. If there had been consultaton then there would have been product available to help organizations operating "public pools" comply by the date the law went into effect. Don't get me wrong, I am all for a law making people use these new drain covers for spas, wading pools, shallow pools and anywhere that someone COULD possibly get entrapped. But we now have this law that is so unthought out that it is making pools with dual main drains in 10 or more feet of water change the grates due to risk of entrapment. Any one know why we design pools with two main drains? Thats right to prevent entrapment.

My biggest question is not how many "public pools" are non-compliant but how many "public pools" are actually hotel, motel, apartment, condo association and home owner pools versus what I like to refer to in our industry as "commercial pools". I am willing to bet that the public sector agencies that operate "commercial pools" are doing a lot better with this than 10% compliance. I have audited over a dozen pools so far this season and all of them have the drains in place or have them on site ready to go in.

Imagine all of the resources that are being spent on this. I hope the companies that make these drain covers, the contractors that are installing them, and the engineers certifying them are thinking of giving something back to our industry because we all know that millions of dollars are being spent to comply and that money is going into someones pocket.

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