Today everyone is talking about Sensors that precisely measure chlorine residuals in water.  The Pool industry has eagerly awaited this kind of technology because the "Experts" feel that the ability of regulating steady Residual is Paramount.

As a Controller Professional for over 15 years, I disagree, as the need to PROPERLY sanitize a pool with varying degrees of demand requires varying residuals for the loads endured by the pool itself.

With that in mind, lets talk about Amperometric Sensors.  The sensor is designed to sense the reaction of chlorine against a reducing agent.  It can be a Platinum band, or an Electrolytic Gel.  This reaction is carefully measured by a sensor that will generate a value that can be expressed by the controller in PPM.

A few things about Amperometric Technology:

When selecting a Controller for Amperometric control, consider two things:

-Flow dependability: Amperometric sensors rely on a constant flow to the sensor; if the flow is interrupted, or varies, the sensor will not perform correctly.  A good sensor can stay reliable, even if the pumps are cycled off and on, WITHOUT THE NEED TO RECALIBRATE.

-pH drift: If pH control is not locked in correctly (like in Spas), an Amperometric Sensor may lose reliability as well.  Again, a good sensor will resist the changes in pH, and stay reliable over a range of pH change (7.2-8.4, for example).

These are just a couple of things to consider.  The most important Aspect would be the service BEHIND the equipment.  If the Expertise behind the brand is weak, you just cant expect it to perform...

For more information on Amperometric Control, or any other Pool Related issues, Please feel free to contact me.  201-378-3314.

-Clemente Rivera - Treatment Specialties

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