ABC Sensationalizes Important Drain Cover Issue

Feds Have Seen Study But Have Not Decided On A Recall; One Manufacturer Has Already Pulled Product From Shelves

Read that headline and deck and you'd think your local pool was a death trap. But the truth is, this article takes a serious issue and sensationalizes it to the point of inaccuracy. The headline proclaims that these covers are used in "millions" of pools. That's a lie. The article itself points out that AquaStar makes 103 different types of drain covers and has sold millions nationwide. Only one of those drain covers has been called into question and 8,000 have been returned so far. Of course, "millions" is much sexier than thousands. Worse, the article paints the manufacturer as the bad guy, and uses a competitor manufacturer to make it seem as if the action being taken is inadequate. Those questionable and misleading journalistic practices miss the real culprit in this issue: a standard that's full of holes, and testing agencies that are not following the most conservative testing protocols. It's too bad ABC went for the sensational rather than getting the real story right.

I posted this comment on the ABC "news" site, for all the good it will do. What I didn't say is that we'll have the real story in the October issue of Aquatics International.

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Comment by Laurie Batter on August 27, 2010 at 5:55am
Thanks for telling the true story, Gary - great job. I sent out a twitter this am - let's retweet it for some impact.

ABC News Inaccurate, misleading reporting on #pool drains, read comments for reality check.

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