Are you frustrated with your swim lesson students?

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Are you becoming frustrated with your beginner swimmers? Or even students who can swim BUT are learning a new stroke? When you consider the points and suggestions below you may feel a little better!

Try these 5 Teaching Techniques

1. Understand there are 3 Stages of Learning, and when a skill is new the student is in the “Cognitive Stage of Learning.” This stage of learning is characterized by errors that are gross in nature, multiple errors, and an inconsistency in performance.
2. Because of the above characteristics, you can determine the best approach. That approach consists of keeping your explanations simple and refraining from teaching details.
3. Use cues or buzzwords that attend to the “whole idea” of the skill and teach your student in more general terms vs. specifics.
4. Be patient and get excited about the “baby steps” of progress.
5. Look for things to complement your student on, even if it’s effort. Your swim student’s confidence increases his/her determination. Complement your student twice as much as you correct him.


Sample of author’s DVD on How to Teach Beginners to Swim


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