Lifesaving Resources advocates that NO ICE IS SAFE ICE. And, due to the unseasonably warm winter, even though lakes, rivers and streams may appear to be frozen, the integrity of the ice is compromised and cannot sustain the weight of people or recreational vehicles.

The following is a classic example of the types of incidents that have already occurred this winter season:

KOHLER — Two boys were cold and wet Sunday afternoon, but are none the worse for wear after they fell through the ice on Wood Lake.

Lt. David Darin of the Kohler Police Department said the incident happened about 3:30 Sunday afternoon when a group of seven boys, ages 12 and 13 from Kohler and the nearby area, decided to walk on the lake ice to an island about 25 to 30 yards from shore.

On the return trip, two of the boys fell through the ice, while the other five managed to make it to shore.

Darin said the two boys who went into the water managed to get back onto the ice and returned to the island. Diners at Cucina, a restaurant in the nearby Shops at Woodlake, saw what had happened and called 911.

Darin said Kohler police officers and the Kohler Fire Department responded along with two troopers from the State Patrol who happened to be near Kohler at the time.

The Kohler Fire Department's ice rescue team used an inflatable boat to slide on the ice to rescue the two boys.

Paramedics from the Sheboygan Fire Department were called to check the condition of the two boys because Orange Cross Ambulance was involved in other calls at the time.

The boys, Darin said, were treated for hypothermia by the paramedics and released to their parents.

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