Biofilms are in the news lately: if your pool has had an outbreak of Listeria, or Legionnaire's Disease, Biofilms probably had alot to do with them.

As an Aquatic Professional, I understand the frustrations of Biofilms; These little buggers can stick to surfaces and build a defense against Sanitizers such as chlorine.  How to get rid of them and keep them out?  Heres how:

  1. Close your pool.  This process will take 3 days to complete.
  2. Get yourself some Concentrated Enzymes, such as Natural Chemistry PURGE (part of their commercial Line of Enzyme Products), and Add that to your pool.  Wait 24 hours.  This will dislodge the Biofilms from their hiding places, which will start the killing process.
  3. Raise your chlorine level to 30 ppm on day 2, followed by an MPS Shock dose of 1 lb per 10,000 gallons.  Let that simmer for another 24 Hours.  This will obliterate all the biofilms that are suspended in the pool, and rid you of your nightmare.
  4. Day Three - Lower your chlorine level to your normal pool level using a Chlorine Neutralizer.

...And thats IT!  I really like this because it not only cleans out your system of Biofilms, it also Cleans Filter Media, and REFRESHES your Filter System...I actually provide this as a Filter REFRESH service to my clients, which is a better alternative to changing out Filter Sand.

Now - how do you PREVENT it from coming back?

Enzymes fed daily by pump will keep Biofilms at bay, while supplementing your Sanitation system by lowering organic loads.  There is even a controller in the market that can sense Biofilms, and help dose these enzymes automatically to keep them at bay...

Any questions, Please feel free to contact me!

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Comment by Joe Andrews on March 27, 2015 at 1:52pm

That is good to see you've gotten good results.

Comment by Clemente J. Rivera on March 25, 2015 at 11:17pm
At that high chlorination, you hit breakpoint, that's for complaints about air quality at all. By the way... This is Natural Chemistry's concoction, not mine... I used it, it does its job, and customers are happy with the results.
Comment by Joe Andrews on March 25, 2015 at 11:14pm

I'm curious about your experience with this process in indoor vs. outdoor pools? Do you have air movement issues indoors to get the stuff moved out?

This process sure does cook stuff out though. 30ppm cl2 then an MPS Shock should kill ANYTHING bad in the system. Have you experimented with just the Cl2 level increase and MPS shock without the Enzyme? I know the biofilm can be chlorine resistant, but with those levels would you see results as you are getting exposure in the system?

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