Do you have a plan in place to prevent RWIs this season and beyond?

Summer time is unfortunately when we see uptick in RWIs around the country. And also it is unfortunate that RWIs are on the rise in general. For this reason, the National Swimming Pool Foundation invested a great deal of time to produce the first ever online course and handbook to help professionals understand and prevent these illnesses, with the goal of ensuring a safer summer of fun for pool goers. And it goes without saying, that's healthier for pool pros and facilities' businesses.

It seems to me that anyone responsible for the care and maintenance of an aquatic facility should look into taking this course. Considering the content, the modest price of $75 for the online course and handbook is a terrific value, one that will provide payback many times over.  

Even if you are busy, because the course is online, you do not have to take the course all at one sitting.

Check it out. Here's the news release sent this week

And here's the link to the course-

Tell me what you think after you sign up and complete the course!

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