Don't let Swim Club's Blatant Racism Stand!

Too often when bad things happen, good people stand by and don't know what to do. I can't stand by what happened in Philadelphia over the past few days, and I hope you'll help me change it.

What happened is that a private swim club refused service to a summer camp group of black c... This happened despite a prepayment of $1,900 from the summer camp group. The swim club sent a curt note to the group saying they couldn't use the club and refunding the money. But that left the kids with no where else to cool down. It also reinforced the idea that blacks are not treated fairly in the country.

I have been an outspoken proponent of the need for minority swim lessons. And AI was the first to reveal the startling fact that black children are three times more likely to drown. A big reason for that is racism and here's a clear example of that kind of close minded ignorance at work.

It's up to aquatics professionals to tell the club owners that this will not stand. So I urge you to call or email the Valley Swim Club 215-947-0700, and tell them that in your own words!

This is your chance to right this wrong!

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Comment by Jim Wheeler on July 10, 2009 at 1:53pm
It appears the President of the club is trying to change his tune and blame it on a poor selection of words. Nice retraction of a totally see through pile of crap. If safety is an issue train your staff better! It's 2009 and our President is African American, over half of our country put him in office because we don't care about the color of someone's skin. Don't balme it on a poor choice of words, if your going to be a racist then just admit it.
Comment by Sue Nelson on July 9, 2009 at 12:48pm
Valley Swim Club
When I read Contested Waters I was bewildered that segregating of pools happened through the years of my childhood. I was so protected living in a small town.

Once again I am bewildered that this could happen in 2009. USA Swimming Foundation founded the Make A Splash Initiative to increase the awareness of water safety. We believe that all children should learn to swim no later than the 3rd grade.
And trust me it takes every pool out there to meet the needs of teaching our children how to swim. Sue Nelson USA Swimming

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