Isn't this just perfect? A law gets passed before the drain products to comply are even available. Then we all have to spend precious dollars during the worse economic downfall since the great depression to replace perfectly good drains in pools with two main drains. We pay for the drains and the installation and certification, then they get recalled.


How much is this going to cost me to get the old ones out and newer ones in? If I have a faulty drain will I be out of compliance? When is someone going to admit maybe they rushed this whole drain cover thing?


This is absolutely horrible and makes my stomach hurt... 

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Comment by Jim Wheeler on May 28, 2011 at 11:28am
Looking at the recall notice, now the plot thickens. In the "remedy" section it notes that pools with dual main drains or gravity drains do not need toreplace these recalled covers. Are you kidding me. We told them long ago when this started that we don't need these covers on dual drain pools, they made us do them anyway, I believe it was to sell more of the new covers. So we spent tons getting the new drain covers, having them installed and getting certified. Now the people that should bare the financial burden of replacing, installing and re-certifying these non-compliant drains are off the hook for replacement because the CPSC does not think those need to be included. What a royal mess. Scandalous, they got the money form us all with inferior product and when it became time to pay for thier misdeeds they are let off the hook.
Comment by Gary Thill on May 26, 2011 at 5:09pm
Thanks for the blog, Jim. You're right, this is atrocious. And could the timing be worse? However, CPSC assures me that manufacturers of affected covers will pay for all parts and labor. I suppose that doesn't include the lost dollars from having to close a pool, but at least it's something.You can read the full news story here. And we'll be updating as updates come in.

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