Drowning of Two-year old Skyler Ray Inspires Us All

One of the most emotional days of my career as a Water Safety Professional was the day Skyler Ray Bell's uncle, whom I have never met, emailed me and shared Skyler's story.

Skyler was a precious two year old boy who drown this past June. Like many families, Skyler Ray's family is sharing their story in an effort to prevent future drownings. I was so humbled by the entire experience, I offered to dedicate my Infant Toddler Swimming Talk at the Swim Lessons University Conference in Las Vegas to Skyler. His family again, was so grateful and appreciative, I can't tell you how humbled I am by their kindness. It reinforces that what we do on a daily basis is of such importance, and that we can help prevent future drownings and potentially save lives by doing what we do.

Please visit Skyler's page on facebook. My dedication to Skyler is also available on YouTube, in an effort to remind aquatic professionals and parents everywhere how important our job is and to never take it for granted.

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