Very sad to see the destruction these floods have wrought.  Just got this message from Laurie Batter relaying the devastation at one swim school in the words of the school's owner, Alan Lewis:

How heartbreaking is this?

This has been my most important project in the last half year.

This school belongs to the CEO of Swim Australia.

I was his consult

ant for the major upgrade we did there, meant to be a pilot project for all learn to swim schools in Australia which were built long enough ago. Over 100,000 children in Australia are not taught to swim - lack of funds, too poor, etc. It has been the policy throughout Australia that every child should be taught to swim at an early age as possible. Ross supports the idea of teaching babies even before they are t

oilet trained. Now we have to start again. Hopefully we shall overcome





Any help you can give in advice or support I'm sure would be most appreicated!




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