Give them a challenge, and see your lifeguard team strive to meet the objective. (Photo credit: Rebecca McNeil, West Sacramento)


I feel blessed for the opportunity to provide training articles for Aquatics International, and doubly blessed that the articles have been well received. One comment that struck me from a colleague included the desire to view videos of the drills I’d written about. As the saying goes, “Easier said than done.”   I’d previously not worked in video; but after many hours of thinking, writing, training, filming, reviewing, and uploading, I did just that.

I created a YouTube channel with over 100 videos of lifeguard training drills: or you can simply visit YouTube and search for Pete DeQuincy.

For first time YouTube channel users there is an introduction video, which goes into detail on the channel layout. If you skip the intro video, here’s the skinny:

My channel is divided into playlists that focus on specific topics: CPR, Extrication, Rescue, etc. Each playlist has a set of drills related to that topic. Most playlists have a logical sequential order. Some playlists have multiple progressions on different skills that complement each other. All of the playlists are works in progress; I am continually adding more videos to either expand the topic or filling in missing drills within a progression sequence. As my YouTube channel grows and the video inventory increases, I will create new playlists and divide existing playlists into more refined topics.

The video drills are to be used for in-service training for lifeguards.  The drills are short and team-based. There are land drills, and there are water drills. Each drill has an objective that is explained in the video and in the supporting text listed below the video. If you don’t see something you’re looking for or have a question, please email me at

The videos aren’t fancy; there is no editing, and at times the sound might be crackly. My goals has been to use my existing technology, a simple waterproof camera  to create videos that provide a visual reference of the drill set-up, intensity, and time limited pacing. You will see that skill proficiency and teamwork are integral parts of each drill.

You can watch the drills on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Have your in-service trainers watch the videos. Use the drills to supplement, enhance and inspire your lifeguard team. Incorporate the drills into your in-service curriculum and training calendar. Share the link with a neighboring agency. Subscribe if you like what you see. Use the channel to fit your needs and the needs of your staff. Follow the progressions or pick n’ choose. The choice is yours.

Lastly, and most importantly: Have fun and train often.

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