Aquatic Director's and Supervisor's should make every effort to educate their staff about simple appearances on the job.

If patrons see staff (even "down shift" lifeguards) sitting or laying around, reading, texting, making what appear to be personal calls or simply looking could result in bad PR or worse.

As many aquatic leaders know, there is always something needing to be completed at the aquatic complex. Cleaning may top this list, but also conducting equipment inventory and inspections, documentation and keeping the areas neat.

As patrons hard earned cash is stretched farther in these times, facilities that operate in part on tax payer dollars, must pay closer attention to appearances. It is a small effort to take initiative as an employee on the job, it helps the organization and instills some confidence in the patrons using your facility. Patrons may reflect: "Wow!, these staff really care about the facility / organization".

You may have hired the most qualified lifeguards and facility staff, but one incident can place your facility in a bad light. Staff need to be viewed by the customer as very valuable employees and therefore worth every wage dollar. Staff that are self motivated put themselves at the top of the value list. This value perception reflects through the entire organization.

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