When I hire swim instructors, I am looking to hire “classy” people. Look for someone you believe is not just clean in appearance, but also clean minded. Classy people know when to talk. Most people talk without thinking. Classy people don’t. Even little things like good manners say a lot about a person. I admire people who always show consideration to others even when they don’t show it back. Classy people don’t use foul or derogatory language. Did you know swearing was something Coach John Wooden and Coach Tony Dungy never did around their

Positive behavior always gets someone further with me. When researching this subject, I read “classy people never cry broke!” I recently mentioned to someone that my enrollment was down and blamed the “off-season” and the economy. Now I am thinking that wasn’t very classy of me. We need to keep our chins up always make others think you have money, students, etc. without deceiving them (never lie, just avoid or redirect).

Look for people with integrity. Look for people with positive outlooks. Look for people who are winners in life. With the Swim Lessons University Swimming Instructor Training Program, you can take any person with these characteristics and a little class and turn them into a brilliant swimming instructor and asset to your swim school! An applicant can have all the experience and technical knowledge in the world, but if they are not a “class” act—keep looking!

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