How Could a Learn-to-Swim Radio Program Be Effective?

On October 28, 2010, Miracle Swimming Institute will begin hosting a radio pilot program, "The Learn To Swim Show." It will be available to listeners around the world, Thursdays at 1 p.m. Florida time and 10 a.m. California time on the internet at

If you put a beginning swim class of adults into a pool, they’re usually apprehensive. The first thing you want to ask them is, “What happened that made you tense in water?” This begins a conversation that may as well be held on land in clothes where they won’t be cold in five minutes. And once they tell their stories and share their relief for being with other students who feel as they do, there’s an explanation to give that helps them let themselves off the hook for not knowing how to swim as an adult even if they tried to learn previously. It turns out that there is substantial information adult beginners need before they enter the pool in order to be at ease and to be successful. This is why learning to swim, for adults, should begin on land.

The Learn To Swim Show, perhaps the first learn-to-swim radio program in the world, will introduce this land-based information to listeners for the benefit of adult non-swimmers and instructors alike. It will introduce a new definition of swimming: the ability to rely on oneself for ones safety in deep water, rather than just performing strokes to the side of a pool. Miracle Swimming Institute has found that many drownings can be avoided if people have an accurate understanding of what it means to know how to swim. Many who think they can swim are not comfortable in deep water and actually cannot depend on themselves for their safety in deep water. They are at risk around deep water. However, someone who can swim is at ease in deep water. Forty-six percent of American adults are afraid in deep water in pools (Gallup Poll, 1998). According to the CDC, over 70% of America’s drownings are by adults.

The aquatics industry is invited to tune in and consider the points I'll be making for the next 14 weeks. During the show I will receive your questions and comments by phone at 1-816-613-1612 or by email at

Together, we can reduce drowning to zero.

The blog for the program is here. The URL for the radio program will be posted in this space soon.

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