How to Teach Swimming Lessons Like an Expert Swimming Instructor

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Have you ever wondered how you could teach swimming lessons more effectively? Have you ever wondered how you could teach your swim school staff members to improve their teaching too?

In this article, I will share with you 6 Steps to make your swim lessons more effective!


1. Choral Responding Technique – Have your students repeat back to you the cues or buzzwords you are teaching (there are some great examples in the video attached).

2. Check for Understanding Technique – Create a close-ended question that will require a short response or create a “fill-in-the-blank” like question. This a fantastic way to see if your swim lessons students are understanding exactly what it is that you want them to do.

3. Demonstration Tactics – There are a number of ways to demonstrate a skill. Use swim demonstration tactics like the “right way vs. the wrong way,” incorporate choral responding into your demonstration, and many more (The learn-to-swim DVD “You Can Teach Like a Pro” shows the best ways to demonstrate swim skills to young children).

4. Start Signals
– Have you ever been frustrated because you lost control of your class? The answer may lie in something as simple as using good, clear, start signals. If your swim students know what you want them to do and when you want them to do it, your class will run much smoother.

5. Learn to swim Progressions – Have you ever heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect?” Of course you have . . . and it’s nonsense! “Progressive practice makes perfect.” Swim Lessons students have a hard time practicing a swimming skill they don’t have the ability to do yet! But if you, the swim teacher, have swim skill progressions in place so they can learn the new skill in achievable steps, your learn to swim students will have much more success.

6. How do you Correct Your Students? The manner in which you give your swim lessons students feedback can make or break their ability to improve their skills. Not to mention you can hinder learning by hurting their confidence. In the You Can Teach Like a Pro DVD, you will learn 7 different methods of feedback and how to use them. Once again, just click on the video sample in this article and you will a nice sampling of what we are referring to.


Go to and watch over 7 minutes of video from Jim Reiser’s brand new “YOU CAN TEACH LIKE A PRO” DVD for Swimming Instructors and Water Safety Instructors who would like to improve their teaching!


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