I have a dream for swimming: that all of what is known at the forefront of many various disciplines is brought to the industry of Swimming so that Swimming and all of us can benefit maximally. Everybody wins.

Competitive swimmers can benefit because every coach knows how to teach their athletes how to distinguish between injury pain and fatigue pain, therefore eliminating or greatly reducing injuries in training. See Dr. Ted Becker's article on shoulder injuries in Journal of Swimming Research.

If injuries were significantly reduced, we would have more swimmers competing longer which affects health into later years; we'd have faster swimming; with faster swimming, we'd have more sport appeal worldwide due to even more excitement created at the Olympics.

Cities, towns, and neighborhood communities benefit when swimming pools do not close because local governments know how to create money out of thin air, as the Unlimited Abundance and some Financial Freedom teachers can teach us to do.

Swimming pools remain financially viable because program directors know that good swimming lessons are what keeps a pool afloat.

Learners and the disabled benefit because municipalities build warm pools, 92 degrees, for teaching and rehab at the same time as, or even instead of building 80 degree pools because everyone knows that being warm enough is essential to optimum learning: not only to learning itself, but to attracting the largest number of people to lessons. Swim school owners who built and now run warm pools know this. Rehab pool owners also know this.

Families and communities benefit because drowning is reduced to virtually zero, preventing needless sorrow and loss when the information known by drowning prevention proponents reaches Everyperson.

The NDPA knows most of this.

Everyperson benefits because each human being is able to learn to swim: good swimming lessons are available Everywhere, lessons that work for every single person; and these lessons teach people how to be confident in deep water and to prevent panic. 21st Century Swimming Lessons, Inc. knows this.

Families also benefit by having an inexpensive place to recreate together, the pool, where parents and kids can enjoy themselves for hours for only $20-$30. This paves the way for them to be able to play for free at the beaches in summer.

The boating industry benefits because people who can swim and who love the water look for more ways to enjoy it. They expand into being on the water.

The SCUBA diving industry benefits because everyone can swim and many can fulfill their dream of diving. SCUBA instructors know how to teach people to prevent panic, so diving deaths virtually disappear; diving is finally considered safe, and more people turn to diving for recreation and travel. From more travel, the hospitality and airline industries benefit.

Swimming instructional agencies and schools benefit because every instructor knows how to teach lessons that no one fails. No one quits. Every community member steps forth to learn to swim and sticks with it because it's so much fun. Swim schools stay in business, instructors love their jobs, and new swimming programs are created to entertain all who have learned to swim and now want more so they can stay in the water and keep having fun.

Local and state governments benefit because the information needed to be safe and to prevent drowning reaches all the citizenry, which our best marketers can accomplish: TV networks donate free water safety messages daily, year-round. This reduces need for emergency personnel: police and fire, and at hospitals, emergency room doctors.

Every human being in the world benefits because the knowledge that's already available that we all need is distilled down to simple ideas and words that everyone recognizes as truth. No one objects or feels threatened. The skill for delivering these lies in our finest wordsmiths. Please send me one of those.

You see, what we need is already here and known. The trick is to get everyone to know it: to be able to use words in such a way that the truth leaps from one person to the next like wildfire.

I have a dream for swimming. Is it like yours?

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