Thursday by Thursday, the Learn To Swim Ship is  s l o w l y being turned. S l o w l y, but it's turning. It's being turned by the listeners of The Learn To Swim Show at


These listeners, whether swimming students or instructors, are witnessing the laying of new track in the Learn To Swim Universe. Actually, they're witnessing the laying of new track in the Learning Universe: Swimming Department. As they listen and digest ideas, their approaches are shifting toward the light.


What is the light? One ray of light is that students need to be comfortable in water before they learn mechanics. Another is that they have to be in control if anyone expects them to learn to swim. There are many more.


A colleague said to me a few years ago, "Melon, there's nothing new under the sun."

Can you imagine believing that? What if Christopher Columbus had said that? To my colleague, I must say, "Then, John, the earth must be flat."


Luckily, every day old problems are being solved as new discoveries arrive. In the case of The Learn to Swim Show, we're solving the problem of swimming students who have tried and failed to learn to swim. The solution is being given in a string of 14 episodes which end January 20, 2010. Both students and instructors are taking home new answers. The answers spell healing.


If you've wanted to find out what I've been jumping up and down about in front of you for 28 years, tune in: it's free. Listen to any episode anytime. The next one is this Thursday, January 6 from 10-11 a.m. Pacific time. The series provides a new way to succeed with the students who stump you and the kind who usually quit, even though they really want to learn to swim.


Happy New Year!





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