Lifeguards Making it in the Media and other Aquatic News Notes

There's just something about aquatics that captures the imagination and a new 13-part series debuting this week will profile the experiences of Southern California beach guards. Lifeguard! Southern California premieres Thursday, February 23 on The Weather Channel. Here's more details from the San Diego Union Tribune.

The life aquatic is also on view at the Palm Springs Art Museum, Plam Springs, Calif. The current exhibition, Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photograph..., is part of the Getty Foundation's Pacific Standard Time. Photos are featured in a new book.

Finally, did you catch the pool reference in one of the commercials that aired during Superbowl XLVI commercial? The ad, for TaxACT, featured a young boy who is swimming. When he realizes he needs to relieve himself he leaves the pool and races around the house trying to find an empty bathroom.  Check out what happens here, and read the commentary from The Water Quality and Health Council.

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