Lifejacket Requirement for Non-Swimmers is needed NOW!

Parental Supervision is spotty at best and I fear it will only get worse in the future with the advent of new gadgets to distract adults. Its time to mandate life-jackets AT ALL AQUATIC FACILITIES for non-swimmers, particularly those under 7 years of age and 48 inches tall. Too many motionless and unconscious children are being found in pools midway between the lifeguard on duty and the "supervising" parent. Just like the auto industry now requires seat belts, car seats and airbags, the aquatics industry should require life-jackets for all non-swimmers. I strongly believe the life-jackets requirement will reduce the rate of child drownings by 50%. Life-jackets are effective and they're relatively inexpensive. They should be the standard of care for non-swimmers. Healthy children don't deserve to drown. Life-jackets float; NON-SWIMMERS DON'T! Seat belts, car seats and airbags don't make driving safer, THEY MAKE CRASHING SAFER! Life-jackets won't increase supervision, but they'll reduce drownings. For more information please see: Note and Float at

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Comment by Mary Ann Downing on March 4, 2010 at 6:46am
Thanks for the contact info Tom. This program should be a requirement for school/camp sponsored events like field trips, day camps and any open swim period that is supervised by "counselors". This should be a requirement before another drowning occurs...

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