Listen to this RANT about Parents, Supervision, & Life Jackets!

Yesterday I spent 2 hours at my neighborhood pool. The first hour was "one-on-one" time with my two year old Nolan, which was awesome. Then I took him home and got my 7 year old, Jeb, to have some "one-on-one" time with him. Well, Jeb's hour turned into 30 minutes because I spent the first 30 minutes LIFE GUARDING SOMEONE ELSE'S 2 year old!

I apologized to Jeb right away, and explained to him why I couldn't "just play" with him. I pointed out to Jeb the little boy who wasn't wearing a life jacket and no one was really watching him. I debated on confronting the father as nicely as I could, but I didn't want to do that in front of my son for one reason or another, especially if my confrontation didn't go well, LOL! But there was no way I was going to be in the pool and let an innocent child drown on my watch. I am worried for the young boy's future visits and have some ideas since they live in my neighborhood.

So anyway, picture this situation: The little boy's father that I am referring to, had FIVE CHILDREN in the pool. Dad was playing around on "his inner tube" like a 2 year old himself, while his youngest child roamed the deck and and got in and out of the pool in water that was well over his head WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF FLOTATION DEVICE! He was two years old, and he obviously couldn't swim. I just watched his dad barely watch him in disbelief!

When they finally left, my son Jeb and I got to play:) But I couldn't help to think about Tom Griffith's "Note & Float" program and I am going to pass it along to our Community Swimming Pool Board. Parents that have a child that can't swim should not only provide constant supervision and keep their child within arm's reach, but they should also be wearing a life jacket.

My other rant, this last situation aside, is that parents think their children don't need any more swim lessons when they can swim underwater or dog paddle and the supervision starts to slack off. These children are at just as great of a risk. I have posted two additional solutions on my recent Swim Professor blog called Swim Lesson Objectives.

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