Now that this blog post has been up for a month, I've just re-read it. Whew. How could it sound so right then, and sound so wrong now? Let me try this again.

Which is brighter, the sun or the moon?

How do you know? Did you read the research? Was it proven beyond the shadow of a doubt with repeatable double-blind studies? No? Then how do you know the sun is brighter?

You know because you can SEE it. You don't need any more proof than that. It's a no-brainer.

The aquatics industry wants to know "the research" on teaching methods. I have a suggestion: watch and compare. Then choose the best ones and do a study comparing those, if necessary.

Be part of the conversation. Nominate the programs that especially deserve to be compared in a study. You're nominating the programs from which one will be selected to be a model for all programs.

We could have a team of 8 judges, swimming instruction professionals who have, say, at least 15 years of swimming instruction experience. Those 8 judges would compare nominees in their region of the country. Then the winning nominees in each region would advance to an "elimination tournament" to then be rated by all the judges.

The judges would have criteria by which each program is scored. Perhaps there would be a clear winner agreed upon by all, or by a large majority. If the judges determined that there were two or three programs that were so close, and high in quality that they needed to be studied to determine a winner, a study would be done on those.

Who wants to be a judge? Whose programs shall be compared?

You and I will end drowning worldwide if we work together.

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