NEW Awards Bracelets for your Learn-to-Swim Students!

NEW Awards Bracelets for your Learn-to-Swim Students!

You are going to absolutely love our upcoming latest addition to Swim Lessons University. It our brand new “paperless” Swim Proficiency &
Water Safety Awards System.

Here’s a brief summary of how it works:

Each child gets a silicone bracelet (Lance Armstrong type) which features 6 major skills that he or she will be working on in your class. The moment your student masters the skill, you use our 1/4″
Star Punch to punch out the star representing that he/she mastered that
skill! Once all the stars are punched out, you award your student a
new bracelet which is also a new color, representing the next level.
How cool is that? No paperwork and immediate reward!

After three years of refining this system at The Swim Lessons Company in South Carolina, I have decided to make these available for all my Swim Lessons University teachers and friends. The bracelets
will be available soon and I will announce it as soon as they are up on
the website. Each bracelet will be just $ .95 cents! I will also have
the “Star Punch” available for $9.99.

To learn more details about this exciting new addition and how it works, from both a skill AND safety standpoint, visit our local Swim Lessons Company website. Under “What’s New,” you can see the bracelets and read more and
see what the bracelets look. I have modified them some and you will
see the new ones you can purchase at the Swim Lessons University site
as soon as the bracelets arrive.

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Comment by Mary Ann Downing on April 8, 2010 at 8:56am
Hi Jim, it's Mary Ann from North Versailles (EA High School) and IUP! now in San Diego...would love to meet you in Pittsburgh! Being an exhibitor at the NDPA symposium is not like a big trade's one on one opportunity to connect! Perhaps you would like to be part of the "Showcase of Programs"...much like an would be worth the trip to go home to Pittsburgh and meet the 100 attendees from all across the country (and Canada!) Call me if you can.
Comment by Jim Reiser on April 8, 2010 at 7:19am
Thank you Mary Ann:) I am still trying to decide if I can logistically get away for that. I'm originally from just outside of Pittsburgh so I'd love too. Only problem is it's peak season for me here. I did talk to Kristin Goffman about presenting. If could present and have my DVD's, etc. available after my talk, I'd make the time to go. She did offer the possibility of sharing a table with Johnny Johnson or Make a Splash, but I'm not much for being an "exhibitor." I love to teach and I love to speak, but not really into the "product pushing." If I could speak on swim or swim safety, I'd love to attend. Anyway, Mary Ann, thanks again. I really appreciate your comments. Means a lot to me:)
Comment by Mary Ann Downing on April 7, 2010 at 2:45pm
Brilliant, please share this info with the NDPA's Maureen Williams as she gathers new product info for a presentation in Pittsburgh at the NDPA Drowning Prevention Symposium!

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