Nine educators receive awards from NSPF for exceptional performance

Nine educators receive awards for exceptional performance.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO./October 24, 2011 — Nine instructors with non-profit National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) received awards for exceptional performance at the annual Instructor meeting held on October 12, just prior to the World Aquatic Health™ Conference in Seattle, Washington.
“We are proud to recognize these nine people who embody the characteristics that make an exceptional educator,” said Fontaine Piper, Chair of the NSPF Education Committee. He explained, “The Committee encourages each instructor to become a role model for those entering the field as well as those currently working in the industry. NSPF instructors are also encouraged to strive for self-improvement and continuing education. This is vital to them accomplishing the mission of assisting others to become better.” 
The training these instructors provide has helped protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities and residential pools. Currently, only 23 states have adopted requirements that public pool operators complete a minimum two-day training program.  Studies cited in the Model Aquatic Health Code reinforce that minimum training helps operators prevent violations of health codes. There is a poor track record for complying with public health codes, according to a recent study by the CDC . The National Swimming Pool Foundation is committed and dedicated to growing its professional instructor base and says it will continue to impart the necessary education and knowledge and certify more pool and spa operators over the coming years.
Distinguished Instructor awards were given to the following people:
Bob Buettner, Leslie’s Poolmart, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Buettner has certified more individuals than any other instructor in the history of the program and has received numerous awards over the past years. Since 1995, he has certified over 7,000 pool operators through the CPO® certification program. “I’m very proud to be recognized for training professional pool operators and spreading the word that there is a right way for pool operators to do their job. When I look back at why I wanted to be an instructor, it was for a simple reason: I wanted to make a difference and help make the pool industry safer and more professional,” said Buettner. “I am passionate about teaching the subject and fortunate to be a part of the Leslie’s Team that believes in making a difference too. None of this would have been possible for me and other Leslie’s instructors, without the Leslie’s organization and their long term support of the CPO® certification program,” he added.

Jose Miquel Torres, Paraiso Pools, Deltona, Florida received his award for certifying the greatest number of Spanish speaking professionals. Helping people learn in their native tongue assists them to attain their CPO® certification, even as they are learning English. 
Scott Ford, Tropical Aquatics Marketing, Dunedin, Florida, was recognized for certifying the highest number of students from June 2010 through May 2011. Mr. Ford also received awards in prior years. Since year 2000, he has certified about 3,600 pool operators through the CPO® certification program. Ford says he is grateful that his father has led him to a career he is passionate about and that he is able to pass his knowledge about pool care on to others to further the pool industry and safety of the public. He says he watched his father teach the CPO® certification class when he was a young boy. “Anyone who ever came out of his course, and now my classes, will talk about the need for consistent care of pools and spas. Every student I teach and certify means that many more pools will be safely and correctly cared for,” commented Ford.  “In Florida, we see a large number of new pool pros, fresh to the industry. We don’t try to teach through shock and awe, but after two days, I can assure you, they never look at a pool the same way again.”

Michael Lowry, Lowry & Associates, Newmarket, Ontario, earned two awards: for the highest increase in certifications in 2011 over 2010; and for the highest number of certifications outside the United States.

Trevor Sherwood, Pool Operation Management, Brick, New Jersey certified more students with the Fusion™ program from July 2010 to June 2011. The program allows students to take the Pool Operator Primer™ online course and earn a Record of Completion, then go on to a one-day classroom and proctored exam, earning a CPO® certification. Sherwood has received award recognition in previous years. “I love offering the online Pool Operator Primer class because it allows flexibility for our pool pros who are so busy with work and family, and spend long days in the field,” explained Sherwood. “They want to expand their knowledge base and do it on their terms, when it is convenient for them makes good sense,” he added. Mr. Sherwood’s company was founded in 1980 and has certified over 6,500 pool professionals with the CPO® certification program. He’s eager to share his knowledge and experiences to help others in the industry.

 Pat Kirk, CPO Wyoming, Gillette, Wyoming received an award in the                     Pool Math™ Workbook category. He set a record for the number of students who have purchased and used this helpful educational tool for those that struggle with math.
Allen Crumley, The Pool Management Group, Inc., Marietta, Georgia and Steven Morgan, Sunbelt Pools of Georgia, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia were each recognized for speedy reauthorization and submitting class rosters to NSPF for processing. Maintaining current standing and authorization as an Instructor is important to assuring a responsible instructor team; and submitting classes for processing is priceless to those pool operators who require a current certification for employment.

Recognition was also given to Sarah Gruttemeyer, Pool Professionals, Inc., Cary, North Carolina who received the Rookie of the Year award. As a first year instructor, she set a record for the number of students who earned CPO® certification through her classes. 

The National Swimming Pool Foundation, the leading aquatic education and research organization, is the largest global educator of those who care for pools and spas. As of 2010, the foundation reports there are more than 1,000 NSPF Instructors worldwide who have certified 300,000 operators in 70 countries. Since year 2004, the NSPF Instructor team has grown 63%. In 2009, the organization reported a significant increase in both CPO® certifications and international adoption of NSPF educational programs. The growth of the instructor base is a response to this worldwide demand. 

Those who have attained CPO® certification for a minimum of 6 months can apply to become an NSPF Instructor. The course has no more than a 5:1 student teacher ratio and covers teaching methodologies, use of teaching aids and equipment, learning theories, lesson planning with PowerPoint presentations, administrative policies and procedures, and graded practical teaching exercises.
About NSPF®  —  The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) was founded in 1965, giving back over $3.7 million of all revenue since 2003 to fund grants to prevent illness, injury, and drowning, and to demonstrate the benefits of aquatic activity. The Foundation works towards its mission to encourage healthier living through aquatic education and research with its collection of educational products and training. For more information, please visit

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