Passers-by rescue children from submerged vehicle in Utah river

Lifesaving Resources, LLC advocates that all drivers need to PLAN for, TRAIN for, and acquire the RESOURCES required to safely and effectively MANAGE a submerged vehicle incident.  LifeHammer type devices or spring-loaded window punches should be secured in all vehicles for use during a submersion incident.  Lifesaving Resources advocates the escape and survival procedures of PO-GO or SOS-GO.


P = Punch open seat-belt release

O = Open window or door

GO = Get Out!


S = Stay calm and Survey situation

O = Open window or door

S = Release Seatbelt

GO = Get Out

For more information, please read my article, "Escape and Rescue from Submerged Vehicles" at

Gerald M. Dworkin, Consultant

Aquatics Safety & Water Rescue


PO Box 3006

Kennebunkport, ME 04046


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