When I announced my departure as editor of Aquatics International, I assured everyone that in my new role, I'd continue to to have a voice for the industry. This blog is a fulfillment of that promise. Starting today, I'll be blogging weekly on AI Connect each Monday. I hope you'll bookmark my blog and continue checking back for my latest posts. But I know everyone's busy. So to make sure you don't miss this blog and select posts from industry thought leaders such as Tom Griffiths, we'll be sending out a monthly enewsletter to keep you updated. It's called ProView. As the name suggests, this enewsletter is all about professional viewpoints.

For years, you've turned to Aquatics International magazine for these voices in our columns. Now pros will have another venue to make their voices heard, and I couldn't be happier. From the moment I took the helm of AI, I was impressed with the quality, dedication and passion of aquatic professionals. I strove to give them a place in the magazine wherever possible. But with a limited number of issues, I could only do it when space permitted. 

Now with a digital option, those voices have more space and more opportunity to be heard. AI Connect is a great opportunity to make your voice one of them. The blogging interface is easy to use and all members are welcome to do so. In the coming months,  I look forward to hearing more voices in this space. And discovering new ProViews to feature in our enewsletter. It's time to raise your voice!

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