We often see words that don't sink in.  Most of our press releases point out that people from over 83 countries have taken NSPF courses.  The more I think about it, the more amazing it is to me.  We have the privilege to contribute to pool, spa and aquatic professionals on every corner of this amazing world.  Thank you for the faith you put in NSPF training materials.  We take that confidence seriously and are committed to constant improvement.  You deserve no less!!!

Help us all see what it means to touch people around the world.  Bring the world to us. Show us your picture with either a CPO® certification shirt, cap, patch, handbook, etc, in a place you would like to share with us all.  It doesn’t matter if it’s in the U.S. or outside, just share your photo with us.

To get us started, here's one from me.  In April 2011, I finished my second Marathon, the Borneo International Marathon in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on the island of Borneo.  I finished third among Americans in the 40+ age group.  (Don't be too impressed.  There were only three Americans in the race).  Here's a picture of me after the finish line with my two sons and their "team Lachocki" shirts. It sure made me feel good seeing those bright orange shirts printed by my friend, Bill Kent, as I approached the stadium for my final lap.  You will notice that I am wearing my stylish CPO® certification t-shirt. 

Thank you for making it a safer world.  Email your NSPF-related photos about training to enews@nspf.org with your name and a description of where you are and what is happening in the photo.  We will post the photos on social media and on our website.  Let’s all stay connected in 2013.

From NSPF to you, we wish you a happy holiday season!

Tom Lachocki, CEO of NSPF


Dr. Thomas M. Lachocki is the chief executive officer of the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing aquatic activity through education and research.  NSPF certified instructors have trained over 300,000 people in 70 countries.  In addition, NSPF offers a spectrum of online training programs and hosts the annual World Aquatic Health Conference. NSPF is the leading sponsor of prevention and health benefit research having funded over $4 million in grants since 2003. Before joining the Foundation in 2003, Tom was responsible for product development at BioLab.  He has performed research, presented findings and published papers in diverse fields including recreational water treatment, surfactant science, synthetic lubricants, industrial catalysts, solvents, and combustion chemistry. He has been granted eight U.S. patents that have been issued and are practiced in at least eight countries. Tom earned his doctorate in organic chemistry from Louisiana State University and his bachelor’s degree from Lock Haven University in Lock Haven, PA.

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