Summer, 2010: Will The Same Teaching Errors Be Made Again?

Will The Same Teaching Errors Be Made Again in 2010?

Yes. But let's see how many we can eliminate right now.

Here we go, Summer Swim Lessons, Version 2010!

How many swimming instructors will tell their students, "You must be horizontal to float correctly?"
How many will expect their students to grin and bear the things that aren't comfortable in order to get to the other side? How many will send the message, "Swimming is getting from here to there, not being able to stop and lolligag in the middle"?

All of those messages are erroneous. Do you understand why?

The messages we as an industry need to deliver to the public are in this ballpark:

  • Everyone can learn to swim.
  • It's fun to learn to swim.
  • No one needs to do anything they don't like in order to learn to swim. It can ALL be fun.
  • Learning to take care of yourself in water, both shallow and deep is what learning to swim means. Learning strokes is an advanced level of proficiency which comes AFTER learning to swim.
  • The most important parts of learning to swim are learning to be in control in water and learning how your body and the water work together.
  • Once you're in control in water and you know how your body and the water work together, it's guaranteed that you'll begin moving around the pool (or wherever you're learning). You won't be able to stop yourself!
Teaching swimming is a whole lot less complicated than people have made it. And it takes far less time than is being used. Furthermore, only half of those who need to learn are learning on account of the way it's taught.

Just a couple of points I wanted to make today!

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