Super Swim Teachers are not found–they are made!

Here is a recent email I received:

Coach Jim,
I don’t know where you find your swim teachers, but I’ve got one thing to say… “Keep up the good work!”

My son Zach has been w/Ms Kali at Still Hopes on the Saturday am class. She has worked the class well to suit his needs. Due to his autism, sometimes he can have trouble w/things as I am sure you can imagine. He LOVES the water though, so we wanted to take the opportunity to utilize that to our advantage.

Zach works so hard for Coach Kali & has grown a lot over the last few weeks. We will all miss swim class until January comes! It is so awesome as a parent watching him striving for something & be able to acheive it. I know it would not be possible though, without a dedicated teacher who wants to see my son excel as much as I do. This is Zach’s 2nd class & at both classes he has had wonderful teachers.

I just had to write you & let you know how pleased we are & for you to please give Ms Kali & BIG high-five & a “thank you!” Please continue to keep up the GREAT work!!!
- Crystal and John T.

Jim comments:

There is nothing more rewarding than getting emails like these . . . . but these emails are not an accident. At The Swim Lessons Company, we don’t find great teachers, we make them! Yes, we do find good people but that is really the easy part. The hard part is putting together a staff of teachers who will consistently earn you the testimonials like the one you read above.


Swim Lessons University was developed to do just that. In fact, the DVD video Teaching Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder was instrumental in the comments above on Coach Kali.

Yes, you can find a good water safety instructor here or there. But if you want to grow your school and create a swim school where you can actually guarantee “learning and laughter,” you can’t expect just to find great swim instructors–you have to make them! And holds the key to your success!

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