Welcome to the Miracle Swimming blog at AI Connect. And Happy 2010!

Last year when predictions of economic gloom spread across the country like nightfall, we all hunkered down and asked ourselves, "What basics MUST be covered in the event that economic disaster hits US?" In our businesses, it was paying staff and keeping the lights on. In families, it was keeping food on the table, and paying the electric bill and mortgage or rent. Once those basics were covered, we could relax a bit and think of larger things.

In swimming lessons, swimming students have the same basic concerns. Survival questions have to be handled satisfactorily before students—adults and children— can think about larger things: strokes and rhythmic breathing.

At this Miracle Swimming blog, we hope to shed light on how to guarantee successful swimming lessons to every single swimming student, bar none, by providing the absolute necessities of survival to your clientele. These basics are control and knowing how the water works.

"Control" and "knowing how the water works" have never been taught in swimming lessons, as far as we know. In 1983, we began teaching both, not knowing this was what it was, but knowing it was essential. The results were electrifying.

Questions for the day:
"If I made sure my swim students were in control and were knowledgeable about how the water works, would they be more successful? Would they be safer?"

Would I be a more successful instructor?

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