If you’re going to have a great swim school staff, as a swim school owner, you have to do a number of things well:

1. Have a proven approach to selecting and hiring (and yes, even firing).
2. Have a full-proof swim instructor-training program (one swim school owner who uses the Swim Lessons University curriculum called it “foolproof!” What a complement, LOL!)
3. Have ways of holding your teachers accountable, including but not limited to a swim lessons evaluation of your swim teachers.
4. Have a swim teacher rewards system in place (I have been sharing the
details of ours in my talks for the 2010-2011 Swim Lessons University
5. Have an appropriate payroll (compensate your teachers fairly).

To touch on The Swim Lessons Company Swim Lesson Evaluation, I do a “15 Point Analysis” of our swimming instructor’s teaching performance. We use a Likert Scale to assess the teacher's performance on 15 different qualities/teaching techniques that I want to see all my teachers doing
well. There is also area for additional notes/comments. I grade
everything from how the teacher welcomes the class, to how they engage
and interact with their students, to how well they follow the specific
lesson plan in which all of our teachers are required to follow. If you'd like to know more about them just let me know.

Holding employees accountable and having consistency in your presentation is the backbone to most successful businesses. Imagine what would happen if every chef at every Outback Steakhouse prepared the
food differently. Take a close look at the best businesses and notice
their attention to details. Pay attention to how the business is run,
to the consistent quality, to the customer service, etc. These are all
instrumental to their success, and they are instrumental to our success
as well. Keep in touch!

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