Do you incorporate the use of toys when you teach your swim lessons for kids? Swim Lesson Toys can certainly add a dynamic to your class that helps young children get extra excited about learning, and often even help redirect a child who may be scared or hesitant in the beginning. Nevertheless, when you teach swimming
lessons to children between three and five years old, I think it’s extremely important that the toys have a purpose. In other words, don’t just have toys for the sake of having toys.

Here is a list of examples of swim lesson activities, the swim lesson toys we use, and the purpose of what we are teaching inour preschool swim lessons curriculum at Swim Lessons University:

  • First Time Submersion (skill), Danny the Dolphin Time (activity), & Dolphin Puppet (toy)
  • Kicking (skill), Let’s Go Fishing (activity), Floating fish and small nets (toys)
  • Prone Kicking & Breath Holding (skill), Super Heroes (activity) and Super Hero Capes (toy)
  • Paddle Stroke (skill), Pretend You’re a Puppy (activity), and Puppy Noses, which we place on the forehead (toy)

Many times you can do without toys and just get the children to use their imagination. That’s a big part of making learning like play. We do this when we practice swimming with the face in the water, and we pretend to “Swim Like a Fish (activity).”

You can watch these activities in action and many more on the Swim 101 and/or Home Swim School videos. You can also watch free swim lesson video samples of some of these swim lesson ideas for you and your swim lesson instructors!

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