Swim Teachers' Mandate: Summer 2011

Will your swimming instructors maximize their usefulness this summer?


If they do, this is what can happen:

All kids will love their swimming lessons. They'll have so much fun they'll want to come back for more. And if they want to, chances are, parents will find a way. Your business will grow.


Kids will learn to swim.


Kids will enjoy swimming so much that they'll look for a way to swim more: they'll join swim teams.


With more kids loving swimming and joining teams, more talent enters the fray. Our talent pool in the United States will grow.


Our national team deepens and strengthens. More American swimmers will reach the elite level. America's swimming power will expand.


The optimal strength of our national team will be built on fabulous swimming lessons; lessons that meet every child where he/she is and keeps him/her in the sport wanting more.


What else could happen if swimming instructors maximize their usefulness? See my next post.

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