I am just wondering what others are doing as far as "Swim Tests". Meaning, the child is wanting to go down the slide but is not tall enough, but wants to take a siwm test to show us that they can swim. How would you handle this, and what is your critieria that they would need to meet.

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Comment by Terri Smith on April 13, 2010 at 3:12pm
I'm with Traci on this Sue!
The manufacturer of the slide sets the minimum height for a reason! Whether they can swim or not may not be the reason for the requirement, it may be the way their body ocilates down the flume, or the way the exit, etc....I say, let the manufacturer take on the liability.
Comment by Traci Tenkely on April 13, 2010 at 1:27pm
If the child is not tall enough to go down the slide then a swim test will not help. The height requirements are set forth by the manufacturer for safety purposes and the potential for the child to turn inside the flume. We do not allow children to go down the slide if they do not meet the minimum height requirement - strong swimmer or not. We do swim test for little ones who want to go off of the diving board. For this they swim the length of the life line in the dive tank with a lifeguard. If they can swim continuously without grabbing the life line for help then they are able to use the diving board. Another facility makes them swim 25 yards without touching the bottom or the wall before they can go off the diving boards.

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