Swimming Instructions' Missing Skill Set

In 1910 or 1912 when Wilbert Longfellow started teaching swimming and began training people to be swimming instructors, he said, "In order to learn to swim, you must overcome your fear."

This truth was lost in the past 100 years. What happens when a truth is lost?

Many people suffer. In this particular case, many people have drowned.

Two people, Paul Lennon and I, realized in the 1980's that the lessons we were trained to teach didn't work for half our students. By then, the truth had been lost.

We each realized in our own locations the truth that we couldn't teach swimming mechanics to people who were afraid. When we developed our programs, both very different from each other, but having the same goal of teaching adults to be in control in water, we enabled a vast number of people to succeed in learning to swim who would succeed no other way.

In the system I developed, there is a simple skill set to learn.

Non-swimmers need it. Instructors need to teach it. Instructors currently do not know it.

What's in the skill set?

People who are confident in water know something that's not known by people who are afraid in water.

The gap between them is what's in the skill set. It's how to be in control in water: people who are confident are in control. People who are afraid are not.

How do you teach control?

It's elegantly simple. It's called the 5 Circles Teaching System (or method). If you teach it, you will become invincible as an instructor of beginning swimming and most any part of swimming. This not hype or exaggeration. It's been used for 29 years without a single failure. Every adult student for 29 years in every skill has been successful. Every instructor I've taught has given up their old way of teaching and adopted the 5 Circles for their own teaching.

I beseech you: please do not teach adults who are afraid in water without teaching them how to be in control in the shallow and deep: the 5 Circles. Thank you.

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