Did you read the enlightening article by attorney Gregory A. Anderson titled the Case of the Invisible Swimmer in the latest issue (10/13) of Aquatics International? If not, you should. Gregory provides an in-depth analysis of a silent death/drowning that ended up in litigation. Many if not most of these cases are in fact “silent drownings” which nobody sees. The educational part of this article is the way Gregory explains the intricacies of the lawsuit. He does a wonderful job of explaining that drowning cases are not as black and white as they seem at first glance. Yes, in some cases the lifeguards are simply not watching, but in so many others, vigilant lifeguards, parents and staff miss the not so obvious event.  And in the case that he describes, there are many failures on the part of many different people, some of which may not have been avoided. Finally, he offers great tips and suggestions to avoid liability if that “invisible swimmer” becomes an “invisible victim” in your pool. To protect better yourself in the future, read the article.

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