The Conference Nobody Attended: Today

Today was to be the start of the End of Drowning World Conference for Swimming and SCUBA Instructors in Sarasota, FL.

The website stated exactly what the meeting would contribute to instructors of swimming and SCUBA diving. It was perhaps too powerful for people to believe. Or maybe people think they already know it.

Midway through the marketing campaign, the title of the meeting was changed. I thought, "Maybe the idea of ending drowning is too pollyanna for people. Maybe they're scoffing. Let's change it to Guaranteed Learning World Conference. That should get people's attention. Who wouldn't want to guarantee learning for all swimming students?!"

Not one person.

Well, yes, one... a licensed instructor of ours.

Perhaps Guaranteed Learning, too, was too difficult to believe. But it's exactly what we offer. No hype. No exaggeration. No frills. Just power. Surprising simplicity. A new paradigm. The future of teaching.

Ho hum. Another day in the life of an idea that's so cutting edge people don't grasp it. I know it's me who has failed to communicate it, or you'd be here at this meeting. Somehow, I have not spoken to your need. Each time I fail like this, it drives me back to the drawing board to find out where you are and how to reach you.

Where are you? How do I reach you?

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Comment by Laurie Batter on June 5, 2012 at 5:17am

Melon, we all support teaching those who are afraid in the water. Which is one reason why that group of people are called out in National Swimming Pool Foundation's white paper -- and why they are a focus of the Step Into Swim 10-year campaign. And why your program along with SOAP have been designated as providers.  Let's talk up Step Into Swim, which will get more children and adults and minorities swimming, saving lives and billions of dollars in healthcare costs. Let's encourage organizations and people to donate to Step Into Swim, and attend the Step Into Swim Congress on Oct 10 in Norfolk!  Either way everyone should read the white paper -

Comment by NDPA on June 1, 2012 at 2:56pm

Here is how I see it. It is not that you don't have a terrific product, you do. The problem as I see it is you specifically target adults, as you should! However most of the adult drownings the adults drowned because of risky behavior not because they didn't know how to swim. USA Swimming just came out with another report and almost 40% of the adult drownings were alcohol related. So it is hard to reach the group you are looking for when they don't think they need to be found. They are swimmers who have some swimming skill and knowingly put themselves are risk and then when they drown we all call it an "accident".

Here is another food for thought for discussion. The fearful swimmer is not likely to drown because they are not getting in the water. At all! No matter what! I think we all are aware I sit on the Child Abuse Death Review Team, I can't tell you the number of times the parent or caregiver WON'T go in the water to retrieve their babies because of the fear of the water. Can you imagine that? So maybe the tactic should be to go after the fearful adult so that when and if their child is ever at the bottom of the pool they won't be afraid to go get them. Maybe that would be the better approach. Just my two cents. This is Kim talking not the NDPA.

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