I am very frustrated!!! For the last several years we have had maybe one fecal accident in our pool. Since summer began this season we have had five (5)! That's right in little over a month we have had 5 accidents. What makes it even worse is that we cannot find where it's coming from. I think I traced yesterday's "catch" to an older gentlemen who I know has been diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. So it's not just children.

My thinking is that my guards have become more alert to the issue and are inspecting the pool bottom more rigorously than they have in the past. My daytime guards are jewels and I don't want to tell them not to look. I would hate the policy "Don't look don't tell". It took me a long time to get the fecal accident policy we have now. It's strict. In our community we are known for having the cleanest, nicest looking pool. Any suggestions?

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