Top Ten Reasons to Say it WHILE you do it

While teaching a couple of CPR classes this last few weeks I decided to pass on some reasons why I feel its extremely important to verbalize the steps of CPR while you are training AND if you perform in an emergency.

  1. It reinforces the retention of critical safety skills while practicing in preparation for an emergency
  2. It helps others learn from you while watching you perform the skills
  3. In a real situation it may jog another rescuer into correct action by listening to what you say while you are doing it and vice versa
  4. It promotes communication and confidence with other rescuers
  5. It helps you get into the 'zone' therefore improving the chances of performing well in a real emergency
  6. It shows the person that is testing you in an audit that you are competent
  7. It promotes teamwork and coordination when working with other rescuers
  8. Other rescuers even EMS can see where you in the process of emergency care from what your are doing and saying
  9. It promotes confidence in bystanders especially family members who may be highly emotional. There is a good chance that a nurse, EMT, former lifeguard, will jump from the crowd and distract you if they dont see you in command control.
  10. It can help in a law suit when witness statements reflect how you verbalized, communicated and coordinated your rescue skills until EMS arrives.

please let me know any I have missed in the comments!

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Comment by Faron VanNostrand on April 26, 2011 at 11:16am
This is great!  I just passed it on to my staff and LGI.  It is a great reminder.  Thanks
Comment by Alexa Pritchard on March 21, 2011 at 8:06am
I agree wholeheartedly. This is such an important idea to reinforce with first responders.

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