I have worked at facilities with and without liability waivers. Florida is currently passing a bill to reinstate waivers after ruling recently to disallow them.

from the Orlando sentinel march 21st 2010

'Although it's still early, it looks like Florida lawmakers are divided over one of the tourism industry's top priorities this year.

Last week, a state Senate committee approved a measure (SB 2440) that would permit parents to sign legal waivers on behalf of their children before those kids participate in activities such as horseback riding and boat rentals. But such waivers would only protect businesses from the "inherent risk" of an activity — and not negligence.

That came a few weeks after a state House committee's approval of a separate measure permitting waivers for claims of negligence as well.

The tourism industry wants the House version, arguing that waivers for inherent risk are of little use because lawsuits always allege negligence, even if none exists. Trial lawyers want the Senate bill, arguing that negligent businesses shouldn't be shielded.'

Does anyone who uses waivers have any opinions or guidance on how to both notify guests of the inherent risks associated with pool and waterslide usage while protecting themselves from liability claims when injuries occur and claims are made.

Florida currently does not have a visible rider responsibility law like other states.

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